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WorldWide Wildcats Weekly Email

December 4, 2017

Virtual Commencement

Commencement ceremonies will be held Dec. 8 and 9 in Manhattan, Kansas (or in Salina, Kansas, if you're a K-State Polytechnic graduate), and will recognize graduates from the fall 2017 semester. Although we hope our distance students will join us on campus, many will not be able to do so. As a way to honor and celebrate their accomplishment, K-State Global Campus offers this Virtual Commencement website. University faculty and staff, family and friends can post their congratulations through a virtual reception message board. Post or read congratulatory messages here.


End of Term

Keep calm, you're almost there. The fall 2017 semester officially ends on Friday, Dec. 15 with final exams occurring and major projects due over the course of the next two weeks. Best of luck finishing up your semester. You've got this. We understand if several coffee plants were harmed in the process.


How'd we do?

Askin' for a friend. This weekly WorldWide Wildcats email is something new we started this fall semester. We just wanted to check in to see if it's been as good for you as it's been for us. We'd really appreciate your feedback so we can keep improving. Take our 30-second survey.