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Congratulate the Graduates

Family, friends, colleagues and instructors can congratulate this semester's K-State distance education graduates by posting messages, which will be added to the virtual reception below within one working day.

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Virtual Reception

To: MBA Graduates
From: Marne Arthaud-Day
Message: Congratulations to all of our PMBA graduates. Please keep in touch as you move on to do even greater things!

To: Dietetics Graduates
From: Dianna Schalles
Message: Congratulations to all of you as you celebrate this long-awaited, much deserved milestone! I know the sacrifices many of you have made to reach this milestone and you should feel very proud of your accomplishments. I wish you all the best in your future career path!

To: Academic Advising graduates
From: Lisa Rubin
Message: Congratulations to all of our graduates of the Academic Advising program! It was a pleasure to teach and learn from you!

To: Global Campus Students
From: Student Access Center
Message: Congratulations to all online students! It is our pleasure to serve students near and far. You are part of our Wildcat community. We are proud of the work you have done to achieve your personal goals. You have persevered through challenges and learned valuable skills that prepared you for your future. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

To: All Graduates
From: Global Campus Student Services
Message: Congratulations to all K-State Global Campus graduates! It has been a pleasure to provides services to you during your time here at K-State. Best of luck in all your future endeavors! GO CATS! Sincerely, Global Campus Student Services

To: All Global Campus graduates
From: Duane Dunn
Message: Congratulations on completing your K-State degree. As an alum myself, I recognize the diligence and hard work you've completed and am very happy for you as you join thousands of other K-State graduates. You have committed extra effort in completing your degree as a Global Campus student. Enjoy the achievement and continue to recognize the accomplishment. Congratulations!

To: MIOP Graduates
From: Trina McCarty
Message: You have worked so hard the last 2 1/2 years and it has paid off. Congratulations on completing the program! I missed seeing you return to campus this past summer while you were finishing up your practicum, but I am looking forward to seeing several of you on Friday, and I will be watching you cross the stage. You all know how to reach me so please stay in touch.

To: Dietetics graduates
From: Richard Rosenkranz
Message: It was a pleasure having you in Public Health Nutrition. I wish you success, happiness, and meaning as you embark on your next stage of the journey. Please keep thinking and striving to find innovative ways to help others to: "Make the healthy choice the easy choice!" 

To: Technology Management Students
From: Jordan Funk
Message: Cody, Eric, Evan, Hunter, Jeremy: Congratulations on earning your bachelor degree! All your hard work has finally paid off. I have enjoyed working with each of you over the past few years and hope you stay in contact as alumni. I am proud to send you out in the world as K-State graduates. Wildcat wishes! #experiencematters

To: Graduates
From: Ron Jackson
Message: Congratulations on your accomplishment of completing your degree. We are proud to be a part of your success. Enjoy your day with celebration!

To: General business graduates
From: Becca Dale
Message: Congratulations on this exciting event! You've all worked so hard and sacrificed time away from family and friends. Wishing you all the best as you graduate and find your next great adventure in life!

To: Richard Waliser
From: Mitch Neilsen
Message: Richard, Congratulations! Best of luck on your future endeavors. Keep in touch, Mitch

To: Thaddeus Tuck
From: Mitch Neilsen
Message: Thaddeus, Congratulations! Best of luck with your future endeavors in Arkansas. Keep in touch, Mitch

To: All distance graduates
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Congratulations all distance graduates. You have worked hard to achieve your goal. I look forward to staying connected with you and learning about all your achievements in the coming years. Welcome to the K-State Alumni family! Melinda Sinn, K-State Global Campus Alumni coordinator

Graduation Reception

Coming to Manhattan for commencement? Join us for a graduation reception for distance students:
May 17, 2019
4-5:30 p.m.
Kansas State University
Alumni Center
1720 Anderson Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506


If you have additional questions, contact Melinda Sinn, alumni and external relations coordinator for K-State Global Campus, at globalalumni@k-state.edu.