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Congratulate the Graduates

Family, friends, colleagues and instructors can congratulate this semester's K-State distance education graduates by posting messages, which will be added to the virtual reception below within one working day.

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Virtual Reception

To: Caroline Clausen
From: Bryan J
Message: Congrats Caroline Clausen! It was a long road, and at times seemed impossible, with how busy your life has become. I am SUPER PROUD of you for pushing on and getting through. Everything should be easy from here on out, lol. mmmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhh!

To: Caroline Clausen
From: Lawrence Court
Message: Congratulations, Caroline, on your graduation! We’re all very happy for you and wish you all the best for your next chapter with this great achievement under your belt. Well done!

To: Food science
From: Rebecca Court
Message: To Caroline- what an amazing achievement- you stayed the course through thick and thin, and now you’ve achieved a lifetime’s ambition whilst raising your family and working too. I hope you get to celebrate in style!

To: Caroline Clausen
From: Alicia McClendon
Message: Congratulations Caroline! You are awesome!!

To: Caroline Clausen
From: Ashley Atkinson
Message: Congratulations Caroline!!! Way to go! We’re all so proud of you! We love you, Cousin!

To: Caroline Clausen
From: Aunt Diane
Message: Congratulations, Caroline!! As Grandpa would have told you, "You are a gentle woman & a scholar!" (-: xo

To: Caroline Clausen
From: Catherine Clausen
Message: My dear Caroline, Congratulations on this wonderful achievement, completely deserved after so many years of very hard work. You can be very proud of yourself, as I am of you. -Your loving Mama xxx

To: Megan Schroeder
From: Harold Schroeder
Message: Congratulations Megan. You have worked hard to succeed in your accomplishments. Love Grandpa and Grandma

To: Trina McCarty
From: Pamela Erickson
Message: Congratulations, Trina, on this amazing accomplishment!! -Best Wishes, Pamela

To: Sara Menard
From: Michelle Reimer
Message: Congrats Sara!

To: Michelle Reimer
From: Courtney Fetters
Message: Woohoo! So pumped that we finished our Master's!

To: Ashley Long
From: Michelle Reimer
Message: Congrats Ashley!

To: Kyler Pratt
From: Michelle Reimer
Message: Congrats Kyler!

To: Courtney Fetters
From: Michelle Reimer
Message: Congrats Courtney! WE DID IT!

To: HDFS undergrads (John, Maria, Dalton, Jillian, Tonia, Baleigh, Chelsea, and Lacey)
From: Jill Parker
Message: Congratulations to John Dobson, Maria Estrada, Dalton Jennings, Jillian O'Malley, Tonia Raymond, Baleigh Rockwell, Chelsea Shupe, and Lacey Stock! It's been my honor and pleasure to work with you as your distance advisor. Earning is a huge accomplishment, and I'm so very proud of all of you! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! Your futures are bright.

To: Technology Management Graduates
From: Courtney Hoffman
Message: Matthew, Napoleon, Hayden, Gary, Trenton: Congratulations on earning your bachelor's degree! All of your hard work has finally paid off. I have enjoyed working with each one of you and hope you stay in contact as alumni. I am proud to send you out in the world as K-State graduates. Wildcat Wishes! #experiencematters

To: Graduates
From: Ron Jackson
Message: Congratulations you have made it, now take time to enjoy your accomplishments!

To: Human Development and Family Sciences
From: David Thompson
Message: Congratulations graduates! Your hard work and perseverance have finally paid off, setting you up for success in life, and setting a great example for your family and friends who have observed your determination and may one day follow in your footsteps. It has been a privilege to have you in the program and we please know that we are proud of you and cheering for you as you move into the next season of life.

To: Trina McCarty
From: Ashley Noll
Message: Congrats on achieving your Master's degree!!! I'm so happy for you.

To: Laura Rexwinkle
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations! You did it!

To: Frank Urso
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations on finishing the degree! Enjoy your international travels and the great opportunities you have waiting for you!

To: Justin Olson
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations on completing your last semester at K-State! Best wishes for all of your future endeavors!

To: Brandie Hodges
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations on your last semester at K-State! Best wishes for your future endeavors!

To: Janet Morgan
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations! You did it!

To: Breeann Middleton
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations on finishing your degree requirements! I know it has been a challenging and exciting journey. Best wishes for your future plans!

To: Courtney Gellhaus
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations on finishing up your last class online! Best wishes in your future endeavors!

To: Caroline Clausen
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Great job! I know your children will be so proud of you. Best wishes!

To: Ashley Calhoun
From: Deanna Retzlaff
Message: Congratulations on completing your your degree! Great job staying focused and finishing your requirements. Best wishes!

To: General Business Graduates
From: Becca Dale
Message: Congratulations on finishing your degree! You have all worked so hard, buckled down and made it so far. You've done so many calculations, case studies, exams, projects, papers, and quizzes. Take this time to celebrate your hard work and celebrate this impressive accomplishment.

To: Dietetics
From: Dianna Schalles
Message: Congratulations to all you Dietetics graduates! I wish you all the very best in your future careers and have considered it a privilege to be a part of your journey.

To: MBA Graduates
From: Marne Arthaud-Day
Message: Congratulations to all of our MBA grads! Go forth and do great things! Come back and update us from time-to-time and remember you can keep up with most faculty on Linked In. The degree requirements are done but the relationships made along the way are just as valuable and last far longer. Hope you can make time to celebrate all the hard work that went into achieving this milestone!

To: All Global Campus Graduates
From: Pamela Erickson
Message: To all Global Campus graduates: Thank you for allowing us to assist you throughout your educational journey. We wish you the best in your future career and continued educational endeavors! - Best Wishes, K-State Global Campus Student Success and Advising unit

To: Fall 2019 Graduates
From: Karen Pedersen
Message: Congratulations graduates! As I consider your achievement, I am reminded of a quote by Benjamin Franklin “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” I encourage you to look at your education as a life-long journey. -Karen Pedersen, Dean, K-State Global Campus

To: Frank Urso
From: Rebecca Miller Regan
Message: Frank, Congratulations on completing your degree! I am so happy for you. I wish you the best in your future career plans. - Sincerely, Dr Miller

To: Trina McCarty
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Congratulations Trina on your earning your master's degree in curriculum and instruction. I am proud of your hard work and dedication. All the best.

To: Claudia Woodard
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Congratulations Claudia on earning your degree from K-State. I look forward to staying in touch with you.

To: Tanya Wineland
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Tanya, I am so proud of you for finishing your master's in academic advising. I know it was not always easy to balance work and family responsibilities but you did it! Congratulations. I look forward to staying in touch and see where your career takes you.

To: Heather Wooden
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Heather, congratulations on earning your bachelor's degree in dietetics. It has been a pleasure to get to know you while you have been a student here. You have done amazing and gotten so involved. Best of luck wherever the future takes you.

To: Michelle Reimer
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Michelle, congratulations on finishing your master's degree in food science from K-State. I am glad that you got to spend a little time seeing the campus while you were here for your master's presentation. Best of luck in the future. 

To: Madelyn Faust
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Congratulations Maddie on earning your master's degree in food science. It was so nice to meet you when you were on campus for your master's presentation. Best of luck in the future.

To: Courtney Fetters
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Courtney congratulations on finishing your master's degree in food science. It was great fun to show you around campus and Manhattan when you were here for your master's presentation. Best of luck moving forward.

To: Austin Driscoll
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Congratulations Austin on finishing your master's degree in food science. It was so nice to meet you when you were on campus. I look forward to staying in touch. Go cats!

To: All Global Campus graduates
From: Julie Hunt
Message: Congratulations Graduates! Your next journey is just beginning!

To: Dietetics
From: Richard Rosenkranz
Message: Congrats* to all of you graduating within dietetics. I wish you wellness, along with professional success! 
*we say congrats because it is too hard to spell congadjulayshuns. :-)

To: MIOP Graduates
From: Trina McCarty
Message: Congratulations MIOP Grads! I'm not sure if the past 2 1/2 years have flown by or seemed like a long road for you, but I'm so proud of you for crossing the finish line. Best wishes to each or you, and please stay in touch!

To: Financial Planning Students
From: Megan McCoy
Message: Congratulations PFP graduates!! I've been so lucky to get to know so many of you virtually (and some of you even in person)! I'm so excited to see what you guys do next and hope we all get to keep in touch :)

So big congratulations to Alex, Brad, Nathan, David, Derek, Stefanie, Emily, Garrick, Jeremy, and Justin! I hope you are celebrating this momentous occasion with family and friends.

To: Food Science Graduates
From: Randy Phebus
Message: Food Science is global and so are our Food Science students. You may not be on-campus with us in Manhattan, KS but you are definitely an important and valued part of our program. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives as you worked towards your Food Science degree, and always know that you are a valued alumnus of K-State. As you pursue your career, please keep us updated on where you are and what you're doing and always feel at ease to contact the Food Science Institute or any of our team if you ever need anything. Go K-State Food Science!!! Wear your PURPLE with PRIDE.

To: Global Campus Graduates
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Congratulations 2019 fall graduates on all your hard work to earn your degree. I look forward to staying in touch with each of you as alumni who studied online. Best wishes for the future. - Melinda Sinn, K-State Global Campus alumni coordinator

To: Nutrition and Health graduates
From: Ashley Blake
Message: Completing this program is no small feat, especially with all of the other daily demands many of you have on your plate. With hard work and dedication, you got through even the most challenging of days (weeks? years?) and here you are at the end. No doubt you will do great things in the field of nutrition. Congratulations!

To: Social Science graduates
From: Ashley Blake
Message: You did it! Many of you have been working on obtaining this goal for years; your persistence paid off, and I could not be more excited for your accomplishment! If you can't make it to campus, I hope you'll find a way to celebrate becoming a K-State Wildcat alum.

To: Nohel Corral
From: Cynthia Tanner
Message: Congratulations, Dr. Corral, for all your hard work and dedication and a job well done!! We are so glad that you are representing the program as our first KSU CCLP doctoral graduate!!