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Congratulate the Graduates

Family, friends, colleagues and instructors can congratulate this semester's K-State distance education graduates by posting messages, which will be added to the virtual reception below within one working day.

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Virtual Reception

To: Academic Advising Graduates
From: Tanya Wineland
Message: All the best to my fellow graduates and friends. It has been a joy learning with you!

To: All summer 2019 K-State Global Campus Graduates
From: Student Success and Advising
Message: Congratulations from Global Campus Student Success and Advising! We have enjoyed assisting you in your academic journey. Go CATS!

To: Nicole Altheide
From: Susan Rock
Message: Congratulations Nicole Suzanne! I am so very proud of you completing your master degree. All of your hard work, sacrifice and determination to achieve this goal is something your should be proud of. A celebration is in order! 

To: General Business graduates
From: Becca Dale
Message: Congratulations on graduating this summer! You have all worked so hard and I'm proud of all you've accomplished. Enjoy this moment with those who have supported you along the way. 

To: Graduates
From: Ron Jackson
Message: You did it. You set your goals and have achieved this one. Take time to celebrate and enjoy the moment. Congratulations!

To: Nutrition and Health graduates
From: Ashley Blake
Message: Congratulations, Nutrition and Health grads! The world will greatly benefit from your knowledge and expertise gained in the field of nutrition, no doubt. Enjoy the next steps in living out your passion in helping others!

To: College of Education graduates
From: Julie Hunt
Message: Congratulations Graduates! Good luck in your future endeavors. 

To: Social Science graduates
From: Ashley Blake
Message: You did it! Congratulations for sticking with it and achieving your goal. The knowledge you've gained in the multitude of social science disciplines will be a great asset in your future pursuits. Best wishes moving forward!

To: Academic Advising graduates
From: Lisa Rubin
Message: Congratulations to all of the graduates of the Academic Advising masters program!

To: Dietetics Graduates
From: Heidi Oberrieder
Message: Congratulations to our seven dietetics graduates! I wish you the best as you go on to your internship or first nutrition position. Go Cats!

To: Summer 2019 K-State Global Campus Graduates
From: Melinda Sinn
Message: Congratulations to all the K-State students who studied online and are earning a degree here at the end of the summer. Best wishes for your future. Welcome to the family of K-State alumni! - Melinda Sinn, K-State Global Campus Alumni and External Relations  

Summer Graduates

Kansas State Univerisity Global Campus offers the opportunity to connect with other graduates and involve family and friends in the graduation process. Feel free to explore our website to find the name of your graduate and congratulate them.
K-State does not currently offer a commencement ceremony for summer graduates.

If you have any questions, or are interested in walking in the fall commencement, contact Melinda Sinn at globalalumni@k-state.edu. Global Campus offers a reception to celebrate with those who are able to attend graduation in person.

Fall 2019 Graduation Reception

Friday Dec. 13, 2019
4-5:30 p.m.
Kansas State University
Alumni Center
1720 Anderson Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506