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WorldWide Wildcats Weekly Email

January 26, 2021

Welcome to the New Semester

Welcome all new and returning K-State Online students to the official first week of the spring 2021 semester. Note to self: you've got this! Fill up your coffee cup, because every Tuesday for the next 16 weeks, we'll be delivering you need-to-know information just for distance students — aka the WorldWide Wildcats.


Access your online classes through K-State Canvas (aka that place you'll be spending all your time). If you're new to Canvas, take the tour. Download the app on Android and iOS devices to take your courses with you on the go.

Add Classes

It's not too late! You have until Jan. 31 to enroll in additional courses that began Jan. 25. After that date, instructor permission is required. View the Spring 2021 Course Schedule to find available options.

Student Success Resources

All K-State students have access to a Student Success Resources Canvas Course. This course was designed to provide students with easy access to key information to support success at Kansas State University. Check out this short video which explains how and why to use the Canvas course.

Proctored Testing

Some online courses may require an exam proctor. Q: What's a proctor? A: A person who monitors students during an exam. If a proctor is needed, you will receive a reminder email from our office near the start of the semester. Our website provides more information on proctoring services because we're helpful like that.