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WorldWide Wildcats Weekly Email

October 20, 2020

Prepare to Enroll

Enrollment opens early November for the spring 2021 semester. Mark your calendar for your unique enrollment date/time and check for Holds to have them removed before then. Use the K-State Online course search to view available options and connect with your academic advisor or major professor early so you're prepared. Tuition will be due by the first day of the spring semester. Enroll now, pay later!

Last Day to Drop a Course

Friday, Oct. 23, is the last day to drop a regular session (aka full-semester) class. Like very, very last day. Just to make things interesting, non-standard (aka short) courses have their own unique drop/refund dates and follow these deadlines. Dropping all of your classes requires you to contact your academic dean's office. Graduate students should email grad@k-state.edu.

Transfer Student Week

It's National Transfer Student Week! We are proud of our K-State Online transfer students who come from all around the world, bringing with them an array of knowledge and experiences. Transfer students contribute to so many of the reasons we are able to call K-State a world-class university. We tip our hats to you, transfer students!

K-State Online Webinars

If you or someone you know is considering a K-State Online bachelor's or master's program, tune-in to our informational webinars. These virtual webinars are hosted in partnership with academic program faculty and advisors, providing the opportunity to hear directly from those who facilitate and support the program. View the full event calendar, which includes registration links for interested students.