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WorldWide Wildcats Weekly Email

May 17, 2022

Start of Summer Semester

Welcome to summer! If you're considering adding a class, it's not too late. Enrollment is open until the first day of the class. Classes are offered in a variety of time frames, from short, three-week cycles to as long as eight weeks. Enroll now! K-State Global Campus wishes you well as you begin. If you need me, call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far. #namethattune


Access your online classes through K-State Canvas (aka that place you'll be spending all your time). If you're new to Canvas, take the tour. Download the app on Android and iOS devices to take your courses with you on the go.


See our website for specific instructions on how to locate and purchase required textbooks. Make sure to order textbooks and materials right away to account for shipping times. Not everyone can be Amazon Prime.

Show Me the Money

Students enrolled in an online bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program are encouraged to apply for fall 2022 scholarships. The application deadline is June 1. Scholarships are awarded to distance students based on a variety of eligibility factors including financial need, military status, degree program, current employer or grade point average.

Drop Dates

If you need to drop a class, make sure you do so before the deadline. Summer courses have unique drop/refund dates and follow these deadlines.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 30, is Memorial Day and a university holiday. Have a safe, extended weekend honoring those who gave their lives serving in the U.S. military.