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WorldWide Wildcats Newsletter

Volume 8, Issue 3 

Library Services and Resources for Distance Students

Hale LibraryAs Kansas State University distance students, you have access to services and resources through the K-State Libraries system just like on-campus students. These resources can help support your academic or research needs as you complete your degree program or coursework from anywhere in the world.  

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K-State librarians
are the number one resource to help find the research resources you need. The “Ask a Librarian” service includes many ways to contact library staff who can answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Contact them through in-person appointments, phone, email, text message and live chat.

Databases packed with academic articles and periodicals keep research materials at your fingertips. Search through more than 300 multi-disciplinary databases through K-State Libraries to find the research you need for your project. 

Interlibrary Loan gives you access to materials that are not available through K-State. This service makes ordering articles or downloadable versions of materials seamless. Once your requested material is available, you will be notified by email.

Print materials you can borrow from the library — no matter where you live — include books, magazines and journals. K-State Libraries will send you the borrowed materials, and you pay the return postage fee once you're done. 

Explore all the library resources for distance students, or view the library services video to learn more. 

New Scholarship for Military Spouses

military spouse scholarshipKansas State University Global Campus is offering a new scholarship for military spouses who register through the National Military Family Association (NMFA). This $1,000 scholarship is available each fall and spring semester for K-State distance education students pursuing bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs.

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In addition to the new scholarship partnership with NMFA, K-State Global Campus is continuing its concerted efforts to increase scholarship support for part-time distance students. Since 2012, scholarship funding went from 12 scholarships totaling $12,000 to 96 scholarships totaling $86,750 in the past year.

“This progress is very encouraging, but we always need additional contributions to the K-State Global Campus scholarship fund to support these students,” said Dave Stewart, associate dean at K-State Global Campus. 

The spring 2016 application for the military spouse scholarship will be available this month on the scholarship website. The application deadline for this scholarship, as well as many others offered through K-State Global Campus for spring semester, is Nov. 2, 2015.

View all available distance student scholarships for application criteria and procedures. 

Celebrate K-State's 100th Homecoming

homecomingStudents, alumni and friends of Kansas State University are celebrating “A Century of Coming Home” to Manhattan, Kansas, during the 100th homecoming celebration. Homecoming week takes place Oct. 11-17 and is a time to celebrate K-State pride and memories. 

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You as K-State distance students are part of the purple lineage. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in what makes us the best family in the world. 

Show your pride during homecoming week:

  • Come to the festivities in Manhattan, if you live close enough or can make K-State your next vacation spot.

  • Break out your best running shoes and join fellow Wildcats and friends for the 2015 Homecoming Philanthropy 5K Run/Walk on Sunday, Oct. 11. If you're interested in participating, follow K-State Global Campus on social media to enter a contest to be sponsored in the 5K.

  • Watch the football game against Oklahoma on Saturday, Oct. 17. Tailgate in your backyard if you're watching from home, and don't forget to wave a Wildcat flag!

  • Go purple - ALL WEEK. Die-hard K-Staters often paint their cars, dye their hair and use only purple ink during homecoming week.

  • Follow K-State Global Campus on Facebook and Twitter. We will be posting pictures and updates of local events throughout the week.

  • Check out the homecoming week schedule for a complete list of events.

  • Answer the phone with “EMAW” and end phone calls with a Wildcat roar.

  • Teach your co-workers how to Wabash, then do the same to your family and friends during the football game.

  • Visit the distance education Virtual Open House for videos about K-State culture and traditions.

  • Show how you're celebrating K-State's 100th homecoming. Email us your photos, or post them on social media with the hashtag #KStateHC. Be sure to mention where you're celebrating from!

Posture Yourself for Success

ergonomic postureStudying hard as a Kansas State University distance student and busy professional probably means you spend lots of time in front of a screen or device. You can help reduce some of the physical stress and prevent injuries associated with poor posture, overexertion or repeated tasks by following the basic principles of ergonomics while you work or study.

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ergonomic set upErgonomic safety is important for everyone. Whatever your career path or degree, you'll benefit from sitting or standing correctly. 

Set up your workstation properly. You can still sit comfortably while keeping your back straight. Raise your screen so the top edge matches your eye level, and position it about an arm's length away. Avoid a hunched back, tilted hips and strongly bent knees.

Break up routine motions. Many issues arise because we repeat the same motion or remain in the same position too long. Take short breaks, stand up, walk around or change your sitting or standing position by shifting your weight. For certain tasks, consider using your non-dominant hand to help avoid or reduce injuries like tendinitis.

Remember the rules wherever you go. When you finally get home after a long day of work, don't just forget all the rules you've followed at work. Follow them at home and share them with your family members to create a better ergonomic set-up together.

Adjust your sleeping posture. The most important ergonomic risk at home is your sleeping posture. Since your mattress and pillow are two main factors of a healthy sleeping posture, be mindful of the ergonomic qualities of these items as you consider your purchases.

Give your eyes a break. Don't forget to take care of your eyes, which can often be strained by overuse. Give your eyes a break by following the simple 20s rule: look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. 

View more tips through the National Safety Council's article on ergonomics

Networking at Its Best

MIOP group photoHow can you network, online and offline? Kansas State University's Master in Industrial and Organizational Psychology program, or MIOP, hosted its annual two-week face-to-face experience on campus in July. Students networked with professors and peers, a valuable component of MIOP in addition to their online course interaction.

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MIOP picnicThe in-person networking and learning experience is at the heart of the MIOP program and plays a central role in expanding professional connections for students. Many graduates in the program still stay in contact and maintain connections with their program cohort.


Networking tips for distance students

Attend social events in your community. The strategy is simple but effective to get both personal and professional contacts: gain friends through friends. No icebreaker needed.

Volunteer. A bit of effort usually pays off. Volunteering for nonprofits or nongovernmental organizations shows people that there's more to you than your resume. And while you're working for a good cause, you'll meet tons of people who know one thing about you from the start: you go the extra mile.

Get referrals from professionals. If a professional refers you to somebody in the industry, you can feel the real power of who you know. It shows those you want to reach that you've earned a referral from a credible individual already in the industry who reached out on your behalf. Don't forget to follow up with a thank you to your professional contacts.

Go to conferences. Find out about upcoming conferences and professional development opportunities you may be able to attend through your employer or in your community. Find out what resources can help fund your travel, lodging and conference registration. Engage in conversations and networking during meals or in between sessions.

Join professional organizations. Some professional organizations include students while others are available to young professionals in the work force. Either way, join an organization and try to attend its regional and national events.

Utilize LinkedIn. Get in touch with professionals who work at your dream company. If you have a second or third-degree connection, let your closer connection scout the people who you want to contact first. You can also ask them to review your profile page before you begin networking.

Connect through alumni services. K-State Wildcats bleed purple and love to help each other. The alumni base for K-State Global Campus spreads across the globe, and distance program graduates often find ways to give back by connecting with current students. Contact K-State Global Campus for more information about how you can connect with alumni in your industry who have graduated from your program.

K-State Hosts Kansas Continuing Education Conference

continuing education conferenceCreating the best online programs for distance students is impossible without a supportive team. This past summer, Kansas State University Global Campus hosted professional educators from more than 30 universities and colleges in the state of Kansas to collaborate on optimizing online education. This idea of collaboration instead of competition spurred the inaugural Continuing Education in Kansas Conference on campus in Manhattan, Kansas. 

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Continuing education – including online degrees and courses, shorter accelerated courses, professional development programs, conferences and more – is constantly changing. With emerging technologies and educational delivery methods, figuring out what works and what should work better is best solved together.

Gary Alexander, the conference's keynote speaker and vice president for academic affairs for the Kansas Board of Regents, said that an exciting future lies ahead for educators in the Sunflower State. 

“We have to be much clearer about how we get the kind of education that individuals need for the jobs that they're after and make that education accessible,” he said.

Sue Maes, dean of K-State Global Campus, says about 600,000 Kansans could benefit from taking classes online to complete a degree. These individuals balance work, family and community with their pursuit of education.

Learn more about the state's continuing education discussion by viewing the full news release.

Vanier Football Complex Renovation Complete

Vanier complexWith a new season of Kansas State University football starting up strong, Wildcat fans are enjoying the completed renovations to the Vanier Football Complex at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. View the time lapse video of renovation progress from K-State Athletics.

See the K-State Athletics facilities master plan to keep up with the status of in-progress and completed projects.