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WorldWide Wildcats Weekly Email

February 5, 2019

Last Day for 100% Refund

Feb. 11 is the last day to drop a regular session (aka full semester) class for a 100% refund. Just to make things interesting, non-standard (aka short) courses have their own unique drop/refund dates and follow these deadlines. Dropping all of your classes requires you to contact your academic dean's office. Graduate students should email grad@k-state.edu.

So...Did You Get My Email?

Most K-State email will be sent to your K-State email address accessed through webmail. You may also receive email from your instructors through Canvas. Be sure to check both regularly.

IT Help Desk

Did you try restarting it? The IT Help Desk is the first point of contact for all your IT needs, including during the evening and on the weekend.

K-State Libraries

Library services are available after a fire on May 22, 2018 caused significant smoke and water damage to our beautiful Hale Library. The building will be closed for the 2018-2019 school year for cleaning and reconstruction. Services have been relocated across campus and are available online with updated information on the library website.

Brace Yourself: Scammers Are Coming

K-State will never ask for a password via email. If you receive an email asking for your password, delete it immediately. Monitor the status of K-State IT resources and be aware of current phishing scams. Phishing scams aren't just from Nigerian princes anymore. They can also come from the university president. #sneaky