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WorldWide Wildcats Weekly Email

July 3, 2018

Just Keep Writing

Need help on a paper? Make an appointment  to learn writing strategies and get feedback through online consultations with experienced writing tutors. Remember: "I" before "E," except after "C." They're at the coffee shop over there to get their caffeine fix. A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y. There's no "I" in team. Keep your eye on the ball, slugger. Wait...what were we talking about?

New Program Alert

K-State's online bachelor's degree in general business has been streamlined with a revised curriculum that adds four distinct concentrations, all designed to better prepare students for the diverse environment of the modern business world. The program's new concentrations are: operations/supply chain management, human resource management, marketing and business analytics. You or someone you know can learn more on the program website.

Happy Fourth of July

We hope you have a happy and safe Independence Day! The university will be closed on Wednesday, July 4. We will reopen on Thursday, July 5, and look forward to assisting you then.

Wipe Off the Sweat and Keep Working

This might be the point in summer classes when the heat starts to get to you and you wonder why you signed up for extra classes when everyone else is enjoying extra time by the pool. But this is actually the time to be even more proud of yourself! You're making the necessary sacrifices and putting in the hard work to reach your dreams. So wipe that sweat from your brow and keep pushing forward. Your dreams are worth it, and so are you!