UFM Community Learning Center

About the UFM Community Learning Center

UFM Community Learning Center is a creative educational program serving Kansas State University, Manhattan and communities across Kansas. UFM offers a variety of noncredit and credit classes for all ages and interests.

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UFM History

UFM Community Learning Center is a non-profit campus and community education program serving Kansas State University, the Manhattan area and communities across Kansas. UFM was started in 1968 by a group of KSU students and faculty as a way to bridge communication between the campus community and the Manhattan community. That year seven classes were offered with 150 people participating. The goal at that time was to provide opportunities for students and faculty to interact more easily with the community and to serve a variety of people in the community.

UFM Courses

Recreational credit courses are offered through K-State Global Campus. UFM coordinates these courses on behalf of four departments in three KSU colleges. Fees for these courses differ depending on special instructor and equipment needs.

Non credit courses are also offered and can be found on the UFM website.

Over 100 course choices are offered during fall and spring semesters. Limited summer offerings are also available.

Meet The Team

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UFM Community Learning Center
1221 Thurston St
Manhattan, KS 66506-0100
1-800-622-2578 (toll free)
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Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT