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Getting Started

You're on your way to completing your K-State education.

Stay organized and keep track of important details including your eID and password (which you should not share with anyone).

Transfer Equivalency
This site has been established to help you understand the transferability of undergraduate credit to K-State. An official transcript review will be performed upon application to the university.

Application Process 
Ready to start the application process? Learn more about what is required for the undergraduate and graduate application processes.

Wildcat ID (WID) 
The WID number is a nine-digit number permanently assigned by the university to uniquely identify each member of the K-State community.

Office 365 is K-State's collaboration service that integrates email, calendaring, notes and task management.

Student Information System (KSIS)
KSIS is integral to managing a student's academic career. Learn more about what students use KSIS for.

Technology Requirements 
Check the technology requirements for online education to ensure you have the technology needed to complete your coursework.

Distance Learning Terminology
Learn about the different technologies and communication systems K-State uses to deliver your courses.

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