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Tuition and Fees

Online and Off-Campus Courses

Online and off-campus courses through Kansas State University Global Campus are assessed at a fixed tuition rate regardless of residency status. There are no nonresident fees for online and off-campus courses offered through K-State Global Campus. Tuition rates vary by course level, undergraduate or graduate. Additional fees may be assessed by colleges and departments, as shown in the tuition and fee schedule below.

2016-2017 K-State Global Campus Tuition and Fee Schedule


Some graduate programs have different tuition and fee structures than what is outlined in the tuition and fee schedule above, including:

  • Great Plains IDEA — Students enrolled in classes through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance pay the “Common Price.”
  • AG*IDEA — Students enrolled in classes through the Agricultural Interactive Distance Education Alliance pay the “Common Price.”

Cost by Course

For the most up-to-date course costs, refer to our Class Search. The cost shown in the description of each course is the total cost for the course.

Cost by Program

To calculate an approximate total cost of a program:

  1. Locate the total number of credit hours required to complete the program. This number can be found on the individual program pages.
  2. Subtract your transfer credit hours.
  3. Multiply the remainder by the applicable per credit hour cost as shown in the tuition and fee schedule above.

Proctoring Fees

Some courses may require you to take proctored exams. These are exams taken online or on paper that must be taken in the presence of a proctor to ensure academic integrity. This is common practice for online programs to meet accreditation requirements. Most proctor services require that students pay a fee, and it is recommended that you ask about fees when searching for your proctor. If your course includes exams that require a proctor, you will be contacted by Student and Faculty Services at K-State Global Campus prior to the start of the semester.

On-Campus Courses

Evening College and other on-campus courses, such as on-campus Intersession courses, offered through K-State Global Campus are assessed at a tuition rate that is based on resident and nonresident status and varies by course level, undergraduate or graduate.

Tuition Payment

View instructions for paying your tuition, including payment options and deadlines. 

Explore financial assistance and scholarships for students in distance degree programs.

Tuition is set by the Kansas Board of Regents annually in late June or early July. Kansas State University reserves the right to change costs without prior notice upon approval by the Kansas Board of Regents.