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Students can access textbook and related course materials from links provided in KSIS and the K-State Course Schedule.

*Students enrolled in online courses within the Professional Master of Business Administration should not purchase textbooks, as textbook costs are included in your tuition and fees. Your textbooks will be provided to you by the program near the start of your courses. Textbooks are also included in the program cost for students in the industrial and organizational psychology master's degree (MIOP). Textbooks will be supplied to students annually during the summer session.

Tips for Purchasing Textbooks

  • Order your textbooks and other required materials immediately. Textbooks ordered less than two weeks prior to the course start date may not be received before the course begins.
  • Have the ISBN number handy for reference to ensure you order the correct book.
  • If a book is not in stock, ask that it be ordered for you.
  • Save money by purchasing a used textbook if available. Used copies cost approximately 25 percent less than new textbooks.
  • Some course materials are available digitally. Digital textbooks can be 40 to 60 percent less than the cost of a new textbook.
  • Use the textbook rental option. Rental prices on average are more than 50 percent off the new textbook price. Simply bring or ship the textbook back to the store by the return date on your receipt.

Open/Alternative Resources

Some K-State courses will include an open/alternative resource, which is a quality and affordable alternative to a textbook. Students enrolled in courses with this resource will be charged a $10 fee. Learn more about K-State’s Open/Alternative Resource initiative.

Cash for Books

Put some money back in your pocket by selling your textbooks back to the bookstore. Find out how much you will get for your books online, ship them to the bookstore, and they will offer you the current market value. The bookstore's textbook buyback issues your check the same day your textbooks are received.

K-State Campus Store
820 K-State Union
Manhattan, KS 66502

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