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Rob Jones - A Change for the Better!

Rob Jones

Transitioning from a career in emergency medical services to financial planning might seem like a big switch, but Rob Jones doesn’t see it that way. Both professions are focused on helping people in a high-impact environment.

“I went from having people’s physical life in my hands to having their financial life in my hands ¾ from saving lives to saving dreams,” he said.

Jones worked in emergency medicine for 30 years, first as a medical officer with the U.S. Army, then as a paramedic.

“It’s hard to believe that taking care of people in emergency situations would become routine, but I was ready for a new challenge,” he said.

Jones was interested in personal finance and had a master’s degree in adult education and a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science. Helping people navigate the behaviors that impact their finances was a perfect blend of his skills and interests. All he had to do was find a program that would fit his needs.

“I did a lot of research and found Kansas State University had one of the top graduate-level financial planning programs in the country. It’s well-known for integrating the fields of behavioral finance and financial planning,” he said.

Jones’ experience in the medical field, where he was used to making quick decisions under pressure, helped prepare him for the challenges of the program.

Rob Jones Quote“The sheer volume of information you have to know in personal finance can be daunting, even more so than in emergency medicine,” he said. “It’s a different level of stress. It changes every year and you have to stay current.”

The high quality of the faculty and robust online interactions with fellow students were key to the program’s success.

“We had online chat sessions with the instructors every week. That made a huge difference,” Jones said. “There’s also the value of networking. You develop professional contacts throughout the country. As a working adult and someone who is a nontraditional student ¾ at 50, I was getting my second master’s degree ¾ I was really pleased with everything they did at K-State.”

Rob Jones giving a presentationJones believes great financial planners have a gift for teaching. Having earned his Master of Science in family financial planning, he now splits his time working as a certified financial planner at Hutchins & Haake LLC in Overland Park, Kansas, and teaching. Whether he’s educating his clients one-on-one or leading financial literacy workshops, he values working directly with people and sharing his knowledge more broadly.

“This field allows me the best of both worlds: financial planning and adult education,” he said.