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Mee-Kyung Oh - A Change for the Better!

“I don’t know if my career change path is interesting enough!”

Mee-Kyung Oh engaged with a group of kids

It’s no wonder. Mee-Kyung Oh moved to the United States from Korea and later from Atlanta to Manhattan, Kansas. She’s no stranger to big changes. So, switching from teaching at a Montessori school to teaching at a public school didn’t seem like a big deal to her. But she found there were some big differences after all.

“I feel like I switched from working at a small local company to a large global company,” Oh said. “What I have to teach is the same, but how I need to teach is different. It’s a totally different approach. To learn that was challenging.”

Oh made the switch when her family relocated to Manhattan from Atlanta and she found there were no Montessori schools in the area. She worked as a paraeducator but wanted to get credentialed to teach. She had an undergraduate degree, plus 10 years of experience teaching at Montessori and two working as a paraeducator. She didn’t want to sign on to a four-year program to be able to earn her certification.

That’s where Kansas State University and K-State Global Campus came in. Oh researched her options and, even though she lived in Manhattan, she found K-State’s unique online program was the best fit for her.

“It was the only program I was able to find that offered a master’s degree in one year and qualified you to take the Kansas teaching certification exam at the end,” Oh said.

Mee-Kyung Oh quoteDespite not being together in person, Oh felt connected to her professors —“very helpful” — and fellow classmates — “really motivated.” She earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Global Campus and now works as a kindergarten teacher at Bergman Elementary School.

“I definitely recommend this program. It’s very intensive and fast-paced,” Oh said, adding she’s happy she made the switch. She hopes to add a credential to teach English as a second language.