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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

Meet Dominic Barnes, Military Student Services and Veteran's Center Coordinator

Dominic BarnesDominic Barnes works as an advocate for and supporter of Kansas State University military students, many of whom enroll through Global Campus to earn their degrees either while serving or after leaving the military. As a veteran himself and K-State graduate, Barnes builds bridges between military life, higher education and civilian life.

“Any service member goes through a mindset change,” Barnes said. “It’s hard for military students to think about their civilian careers. They need an advocate who can help them make the right degree choice.”

Barnes tells students that the skills they learn in the military are skills that employers want to see: discipline, leadership, organization and professional development.

He also helps them navigate the university system, including enrollment and scholarships. Even with the military’s tuition assistance, many service members have to find other sources of funding for their education and that process can be confusing.

“Most veterans, current service members and their spouses are first-generation college students, so they don’t understand certain aspects of higher education — it was never even a possibility for a lot of these service members until they enlisted,” Barnes said. “The GI Bill® is still raising people out of poverty.

“These are people who are reaching for their dreams. They have big plans.”

Interested in sharing your story or helping a military student afford their education? Contact Melinda Sinn.