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Link is the digital home for news and feature stories from alumni of Kansas State University Global Campus programs. It began as a printed magazine published twice per year in 2015 and transitioned to a digital-only platform in fall 2019. Link joins thousands of students, alumni and supporters of distance education who want to learn online, grow professionally and connect globally through Kansas State University.

Wildcats Forever

Online students finding forever home with Wildcats Forever

There’s something about wearing K-State purple that makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger.

That’s why the Kansas State University Alumni Association created the Wildcats Forever program for current students. Discounts to local businesses in Manhattan, events, K-State swag and other benefits help students feel like they are a part of the university and larger Wildcat community. - Read More

Claudia Woodard

Forced to start over, Global Campus student finds success

Earning a degree at any level takes dedication and hard work. Building a career requires commitment, time and tenacity. Imagine accomplishing both, then being forced to start over at square one.

That’s what happened to Claudia Woodard.

In 2007, Woodard, a native of Germany, earned her degree from Germany’s University College Homburg/Saar to practice as a registered dietitian. She then began a career dedicated to helping German citizens improve their health and better understand their nutrition. - Read More

Rob Stephens Smilling

Global Campus graduate dedicates career to helping small business owners

Rob Stephens comes from two generations of small business owners — both his father and grandfather founded their own companies. But Stephens “rebelled,” broke the mold and became an accountant.

Or so he likes to joke. - Read More

Charlie Tappen and his family

Graduate travels long road in pursuit of debt avoidance in college

Before starting his undergraduate career, Global Campus graduate Charlie Tappen saw many college graduates who were weighed down by student loans and decided he didn’t want that to be his story. Setting the first of many ambitious goals, Tappen determined he would graduate without any debt.

The process wasn’t quick or easy, but Tappen accomplished his goal in May 2020. - Read More

Craig McGill

Academic advising graduate returns to teach

For many people, “home” is a physical place. But for some Kansas State University Global Campus students, the idea of home is a little more fluid.

Take Craig McGill. He’s been all over. He earned a certificate and then a master’s degree in academic advising from Global Campus while living in Nebraska. Since then, he’s earned a doctorate in education from Florida International University and conducted research at the University of South Dakota. Now, this Wildcat is “coming home” to Manhattan for the very first time. - Read More

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