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Link is the digital home for news and feature stories from alumni of Kansas State University Global Campus programs. It began as a printed magazine published twice per year in 2015 and transitioned to a digital-only platform in fall 2019. Link joins thousands of students, alumni and supporters of distance education who want to learn online, grow professionally and connect globally through Kansas State University.

Elliot Grant

Partnership with Fort Leavenworth helping K-State Online military students succeed

While stationed at Fort Leavenworth in 2018 with the Command General Staff College — being prepared for his next position in the U.S. Army — Major Elliot Grant decided to bring his understanding of adults and how they learn to the next level, with the help of Kansas State University Online. - Read More

Jamie Fuller

Master’s program helps grad’s career take off

Jamie Fuller loved to travel from a young age. But his interest was less about visiting exotic locales and more about understanding the mechanics of travel. Whether he was going on road trips or flying, he was fascinated by the process of getting to and from. This passion fueled his desire to study engineering. - Read More

Tanya Wineland

Online student determined to ‘keep going’

We all have moments when we question whether we can go on. Sometimes, we find the will to do it. Maybe it’s when you’re struggling to finish a set of reps during a particularly brutal class at the gym, and you get your second wind. Or, maybe it’s when you’re putting in late nights to earn a degree while juggling the priorities of work and family. Is it worth it? Is it even possible?

Sometimes, you get just what you need to be able to answer “yes.” - Read More

Nathan Smit and Wife Becky

Student’s return to K-State a family affair

“Family” is a word that permeates the culture of Kansas State University. It represents the palpable connection among everyone affiliated with the school — faculty, staff and students.

For Ruth Eckert, “family” and K-State are literally connected, too.

All four of Eckert’s siblings — and a handful of other relatives — graduated from K-State, making the Wildcat tradition a true family affair. - Read More

Winrick Family Photo


Every once in a while, you read about a family with three college graduates in the same year.

Usually those graduates are siblings.

That was not the case for parents Dave and Annette Winrick and their daughter, Darbie, who all graduated as Wildcats in 2017. - Read More

Tim Jones poses in front of a Kansas State University sign

MSCE program helps student achieve personal, professional goals

Timothy P. Johns has built his career from the ground up. Literally.

His career began in construction-related businesses in his late teens. He transitioned to becoming a civil engineering technician after earning an associate degree in civil engineering technology and later an associate of science. - Read More

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