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Global Campus

National Distance Learning Week

November 6-10, 2017

Kansas State University Global Campus is celebrating National Distance Learning Week!

Sponsored by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), National Distance Learning Week helps increase awareness and appreciation for distance learning and how it helps people reach their educational goals. Because of distance education at K-State, thousands of people studying across the globe have earned their K-State education — often while balancing full-time commitments with work, family and community.

K-State will be offering the following activities in recognition of National Distance Learning Week.

Share Your Vision

What is your vision for the future? Creating a vision board can be a great way to clarify and visualize your plans for the future. Vision boards serve as a visual representation and tangible reminder of your ideas, goals and plans.

Order your free K-State Vision Board kit from K-State Global Campus. Your kit comes complete with a blank vision board and four pages of stickers.

Studies show that when you share your goals and progress with others, it can help motivate you to achieve them. Share your finished boards with a brief written summary of your vision on Facebook or Twitter with #EnvisionKState before Nov. 30, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a scholarship! You can also email a photo of your vision board to global@k-state.edu. Winners will be announced in early December.

  • 1st Place Prize: $300 Scholarship
  • 2nd Place Prize: $200 Scholarship
  • 3rd Place Prize: $100 Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded before the end of the fall semester.

Virtual Open House

Visit us virtually through the Virtual Open House! You can explore Kansas State University any time, even if you cannot come to campus for a visit. Through the Virtual Open House, you can:

Giveaway Website

Visit the giveaway website for online-accessible K-State freebies, including wallpaper calendars, customizable address labels and more.

Social Media

Connect with us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn to stay connected to K-State Global Campus. Be sure to watch for special posts or activities during National Distance Learning Week!

Thank you for helping us celebrate and for supporting distance learning at K-State!

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