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Let's Talk

Are you local and ready to finish your bachelor's degree?

We realize not every path to a bachelor’s degree follows a straight line. The detours you take along the journey make for a life well lived. But over the months or years, you may have decided it’s time to earn your bachelor’s degree. Good news! We have options for you.

How do you start?

Talk to us. Tell us your story. Do you have a plan? Is this your first time taking a college class? Maybe it’s been a few years. Perhaps it didn’t go so well last time. That’s OK. We’ve worked with a lot of students, and we have answers. Assisting working adults is kind of our jam. We’ll help you make a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to you and your needs. Together, we’ve got this. Chat, call or email us to start the conversation.

On campus or online? Your call.

Living near K-State means you can do more than just tailgate with us. (Although, if you make a killer dip, we insist you tailgate with us.) But did you know we have Evening College courses that start after 5:30 p.m.? If it’s been a while since you’ve been in a classroom, you may be interested to know that evening courses average 23 students per class, which means a lot of one-on-one time with your instructor.

Can’t commit to come to class on campus – or just don’t want to? You can take classes online. Some classes are three weeks long, some are eight weeks and others are a whole semester (16 weeks). So whether you like to learn fast or take it a little easier, just like Goldilocks, there’s something that will be just right. And if you need help with figuring out the online course system, we can help with that too.

Does your employer offer tuition assistance?

You probably already know that earning a bachelor’s degree can help you move up in your career. But did you also know it can help your employer? Check with Human Resources to see if they offer tuition assistance. You may also qualify for other forms of financial assistance, such as grants, loans and scholarships. If you’ve served our country, we thank you and encourage you to check out your veterans benefits. Let’s figure out a plan to help you earn your degree without hurting your wallet.

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Find out how tuition assistance programs, financial aid opportunities, campus resources and convenient course options can help you earn your bachelor's degree.