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Robyn's On Track Story

Robyn Dreher, a Human Resources professional at the K-State Veterinary Health Center, is getting her K-State education back on track.

Robyn had gone to college after high school, but found it was difficult to work full time and continue her studies. She and her husband were working at a grocery store to pay for school, but eventually they purchased the store, and the added duties made it too difficult to continue schooling.

"We managed the store for several years but when our kids were in middle school we decided we needed to make a change," Robyn said. "Going back to school was always on my mind. So once I came to K-State, I thought I had no more excuses."

Robyn is working toward a bachelor's degree in family studies and human services.

"My interest is in people and how I can help them and hopefully learn more about what makes them tick," said Robyn. "I'm in HR now, and as far as my future, I think my degree will open up some doors. I would still like to be able to stay in some kind of service area. I really like K-State, so whether it's here or somewhere else at K-State, I see myself in a position where I'm able to help students, faculty or staff."

Robyn has two daughters who both attend K-State. She finds this has created a bond between them, and has made their home environment a place of study.

"Sundays are a study day at our house. It gets really quiet with everyone taking quizzes. We also chat with each other about our professors," Robyn said. "My girls were very encouraging, and I figured if I am going to do this, I should do it while they are also here, for my own support."

Robyn says she was a little apprehensive on her first day of Evening College classes.

"I went in and I sat down, and they spoke to the class like they had just gotten out of school, because it was Algebra, and I'm sitting there thinking 'It's been 25 years.' But the nice thing about K-State and having the evening courses is that they are for all ages. They were all very welcoming and we all worked together as a team."

She took several classes on campus through Evening College that were both eight weeks long. She could work during the day, and then go to her classes in the evenings. Now Robyn is taking advantage of the online classes offered by K-State to give her more flexibility with her schedule.

"Online courses are invaluable to me at this point to complete my degree," she said. "You have to be a little more focused and make yourself do the work. If you ignore it, it'll sneak up and bite you, but I tend to spend at least one weekend day, and my lunch hours to get course work done. That way I can stay ahead, and I can go home in the evening and have family time."

Robyn has considered going for a K-State master's degree after she completes her bachelor's degree.

"Several of my classmates are my age or older taking classes, and we've all come to that conclusion that it's never too late," Robyn said. "If you want to do it, you can do it. I have coworkers here that I've been trying to encourage to just take baby steps, start with one class, just a training program and move up. Once you get started, you're kind of hooked."

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