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Lydell's On Track Story

Going back to school and earning a degree is something that Kansas State University Global Campus Administrative Specialist Lydell Cox has always wanted to do. Now, thanks to the resources K-State provides, Lydell decided to get back on track and step on campus not only as an employee, but also as a student.

The importance of earning a degree became clear to Lydell after an unfortunate downsizing at his previous place of employment caused him to lose his job. With only a few credits completed at a community college but no degree, Lydell found himself at a disadvantage when trying to find a new career. Between the time he was laid off at his previous job and hired by K-State, he had submitted more than 30 job applications.

“I knew I had the knowledge to do several of the jobs I applied for, but I didn't have the degree,” Lydell said. “I felt disadvantaged at times, but had the confidence that I could do the job because I had the experience.”

After being hired by K-State and made aware of the opportunity K-State offers to employees who want to finish their degree, Lydell decided it was time to once again hit the books. He is seeking a degree in general business, starting off with a class in leadership studies. Lydell hopes the class will help make the transition back into college easier.

“Leadership is something I'm really into because I've been in leadership positions for the last 10 years,” Lydell said. “So, I really want to start there and refine my skills and learn the curriculum and the other values that go along with the leadership system.”

Lydell said his family has been very supportive of his decision to get his degree. He plans on keeping a balance between his full-time job and school by focusing on work from 8 to 5 and then learning school material in the evenings.

“I don't know what the future holds, but I want to make sure that I have what I need to be able to take care of myself and my family by taking advantage of what K-State offers,” Lydell said. “I would encourage anybody who doesn't have a degree to rethink where they want to be years from now and to make sure they're taking advantage of the resources they have available now.”

As for the future, Lydell says he's looking forward to seeing the numerous opportunities out there once he receives his degree, and may even consider getting a graduate certificate.

“If there are great opportunities are out there, I'm certainly going to reach for them,” Lydell said. “I want to take myself as high as I can go. Life takes us down different paths and courses, and I look back and think it would have been nice to start college right after high school, but I'm really glad I have the opportunity now to go back and get my degree.”

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