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Tips and FAQ

Intersession Tips

Since Intersession is held during the breaks between university terms, courses are taught on a shorter, accelerated schedule.

Whether you take an Intersession course on campus, online or one that involves a travel component, you can expect:

  • Your course content will be taught at a rigorous pace. Questions about specific class content should be directed to the course instructor.
  • Intersession requires your daily attendance (either face-to-face or through online technology, depending on the class), as well as active participation.
  • January Intersession is considered part of spring term. May Intersession and August Intersession are each considered part of summer term.
  • Intersession courses tend to fill up quickly, or may be cancelled due to low enrollments, so you should enroll early in the Intersession class you want to take.


How many credits can I take during Intersession?

Intersession classes are 1–3 credit hours or credit units, offered from a variety of academic departments and colleges. A 1-credit class is usually taught in one week, a 2-credit class is usually taught in two weeks, and a 3-credit class is usually taught in three weeks. Classes generally meet for three to four hours each day (Monday through Friday), with class meeting times and length in accordance with the set credit hours of the class.

Because of the accelerated pace of Intersession classes, a maximum of 4 Intersession credit hours is allowed per student, per Intersession. Students wishing to enroll in more than the maximum credit hours must have written approval from their academic dean.

What if my class is canceled?

Intersession classes may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. Decisions about which Intersession classes will be offered are made based on the number of registrations (early enrollment helps ensure that classes will have enough enrollments to be offered). Students will be notified by email if their class is canceled. Students who enrolled in a canceled class have the option of enrolling in another class or obtaining a full refund.

How will I be billed for an Intersession class?

The K-State Cashier's Office provides an electronic bill (eBill) on or around the 15th of the month following the assessment of tuition and fees. An eBill notification is sent to each student's email address and can be seen in KSIS under the "Student Account" area. eBilling begins for each term as follows: Fall—July 15th, Spring—December 15th, Summer—May 15th. Online payment is available.

What if I need to retake a class?

Undergraduate students may retake a class during Intersession to improve their grade. See Retake Policy in the Undergraduate Catalog for full details. Consultation with your academic advisor is highly recommended.

What are the grading guidelines?

Intersession grades will be averaged into the student's overall K-State and term GPA. Grades will be available to students in KSIS within three weeks after the last day of Intersession. The scholastic record of each undergraduate is evaluated twice yearly at the end of the fall term and at the end of the spring term. The student's scholastic status does not change as a result of work taken in Intersession.

Students wishing to sign up for courses on a Pass-Fail basis must do so at the time of enrollment in KSIS, or before one-third of the class meetings have elapsed. Consultation with your academic advisor is highly recommended before enrolling in this option.

Can I change my student status while taking Intersession?

No status changes (i.e., undergraduate to graduate credit) will be accepted after classes have started. All requests for status changes after the start of the class must be submitted through the Graduate School.

How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

Students dropping a class must do so in KSIS. Students who fail to attend class may receive an "F" unless they formally drop the class.

Where do I order textbooks for Intersession classes?

The textbook icon link in KSIS provides full information about the textbook(s) for your class.

Will I have access to the K-State Library during Intersession?

During Intersession, the Hale Library hours of operation vary. View library open hours or call 785-532-3014.

Are there services for students with disabilities?

Yes, Kansas State University is committed to making courses accessible to all participants. A student with a disability who wishes to request accommodations for a credit course should notify the course instructor or contact the Student Access Center, 785-532-6441, or email accesscenter@k-state.edu. Early notification is requested to ensure that accommodations can be provided in a timely manner.

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