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Global Campus

K-State Global Campus
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1-800-622-2578 (toll free)

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST

Submit a Course Proposal

Your proposals for Intersession courses may be submitted by:

Required Information
If you are planning to teach the same Intersession class you have taught previously, the information may already be in our computer system. To offer the same class again, you may submit your class proposal through a short phone call or email to the Intersession Coordinator. If your class has not been offered before, it will take a few more minutes to obtain the necessary information to prepare for submission.

Determining Additional Fees
All Intersession classes are self-funded. Tuition and fees collected from the students must cover instructor compensation and class costs for a class to be offered.

Because the regular tuition and fees collected do not cover special costs related to Intersession classes, any class costs that an instructor expects to charge to K-State Global Campus (photocopying, labs, film, rental, computer time, and purchase of materials, etc.) must be covered by an additional per-student fee. This per-student fee is listed in the Intersession class information and collected at enrollment through KSIS.

Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be made for per-student fees after the first day of class, unless a class is canceled. Also, please note that state guidelines prohibit instructors from collecting per-student fees in person. These fees must be collected at the time of enrollment. Any charges that are not approved by K-State Global Campus will not be paid and will become the responsibility of the individual. Please contact the Intersession Coordinator if you have any questions regarding appropriate reimbursable fees.

Course Catalog and Descriptions
All classes listed in the K-State catalog may be offered during Intersession. The published title of the class and the number of credit hours must reflect what K-State has published. This means you must use the catalog class description as printed, although you may add to it to enhance your Intersession class.

Classes that are not listed in the catalog or classes that are being changed in a substantive way from the catalog listing (e.g., number of credits) are usually offered as a "Special Topics in...," "Problems in...," "Special Studies in...," or "Readings in..." class. These classes may only be offered three times during Intersession under the same title. If an instructor wants to continue to offer a particular topics class, the class must be submitted for approval to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate. See your department for instructions regarding this process.

College or Department Approvals
Some departments and colleges have established specific procedures and criteria for evaluating, approving, and forwarding Intersession proposals to the K-State Global Campus. Please check with your college and department regarding any specific guidelines.