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Global Campus 50 Years


K-State Global Campus has more than 50 years of experience delivering a K-State education to adult learners all over the world. We continue to utilize new and better technologies and online teaching strategies to improve your learning experience.

Award Winning Programs


Classes are taught by the same qualified faculty who teach on-campus courses. When you graduate, your diploma will look the same, regardless of how your courses were delivered.

Best Tuition Value


K-State was named No. 1 in Kansas for best tuition value by Money magazine. If you live outside of the state, or even the country, you will be able to pay the same tuition rate as Kansas residents.

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Photo of Jessica Garate
Will I receive support even if I’m not on campus?

“My professors, my advisors have all been very helpful. I don't think I would have had that experience elsewhere, to be honest, because I've looked into other schools. I don't think I would have had that hands-on experience with it. It's really a community here.”

- Jessica Garate, 2016 Grad

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Photo of Tritia Moneypenny
Will I have to take online classes at a certain time?

“I could do the work any time. If my best time to work happened to be midnight, I could do it then. And it was all asynchronous, so I didn't have to be on at any time. That's a consideration being out of the time zone. It's nice not to have to be synchronized at any particular time.”

- Tritia Moneypenny, 2016 Grad

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Will an online degree at K-State help my career?

“The skills that I've learned in this program – analytical thinking, critical thinking, better decision making – are all great skills that one can apply in terms of career development.”

- Hamid Rutaro, 2015 Grad

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Photo of Hamid Rutaro
Will I feel connected to K-State even though I live far away?

“K-State reaching out to students after Hurricane Sandy made me feel like I was officially part of the K-State family. From emotional counseling to academic assistance, it was great to see that resources were available to all students.”

- Timothy Cox, 2014 Grad

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