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The nutrition, dietetics and sensory sciences master's degree program requires 30-35 credit hours of coursework depending on which option (thesis, report or coursework only) is selected. Specific requirements for each option can be found on the College of Health and Human Sciences website

Minimum Coursework Requirements

Required courses:

FNDH 880 - Graduate Seminar in Human Nutrition (1 credit)

FNDH 898 - Master's Report *Required for report option only

(2 hours)

FNDH 899 - Master's Thesis *Required for thesis option only

(6-8 hours, minimum 6 hours)

*FNDH 898 or FNDH 899 is not required for coursework only option.

Select 1 course from the following:

STAT 701 - Fundamental Methods of Biostatistics (3 credits)

STAT 703 - Introduction to Statistical Methods for the Sciences (3 credits)

STAT 705 - Regression and Analysis of Variance (3 credits)

Additional Requirements

Additional FNDH courses (minimum 3 credits) at the graduate level are required. The thesis supervisory committee will determine the student’s competency requirements and will work with him/her to select courses that will meet the requirements. The student’s program of study should be approved by the graduate studies coordinator (or designee).

Of the minimum 30 credit hours normally required for the master’s program of study, at least 18 hours should be at the 700 level and above, including the thesis/research and the report/problems hours required by the thesis and report options.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Master of Science
College: Health and Human Sciences
Credits: 36
Course delivery: Online

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