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Career and Post Graduate Opportunities

Graduates of this program work in a variety of settings to promote diet and health among the general public. They include positions as:

  • Public health nutritionists in structured organizations at the local, state or national level such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) programs.
  • Cooperative extension agent (community nutrition educator)
  • Nutrition expert for mass media (television, radio, magazines, newsletters) to educate people about the relationship between diet and health.
  • Nutrition specialists in food-related industries, trade associations, food commodity groups, or pharmaceutical companies.
  • This curriculum is an excellent preparatory degree for nursing or physician assistant schools (students are advised to check requirements for their specific nursing or physician assistant schools of interest).
  • Opportunities are available with the Peace Corps as well as other not-for-profit agencies involved in international development.
  • Students may also apply to graduate school and work towards a M.S. or MPH degree. This usually requires good grades, GRE scores (Graduate Record Exam), and supportive letters of recommendation. Interested students should start early (e.g. Junior year) scoping out schools and taking the GRE exam (see GRE.org). K-State also has several “concurrent” BS/MS programs in place - BS/MS in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health or BS/MPH = that enable you to start graduate study early.

Learn more about this degree and the career possibilities.

K-State compiles post-graduation employment information. That information and other career assistance information can be found on the K-State Career Center website.

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