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To complete the early childhood education bachelor's degree program, students must have full admission into the teaching education program. Up to 60 credit hours of course work may be completed at the local community college level and transferred, as applicable, to meet K-State degree requirements.

Required Courses (pdf)

General Requirements (pdf)

Admission to Teacher Education (pdf)

Associated Costs

This program has unique associated costs involved.

  • Distance field experience placement and supervision:
    • Students will be required to obtain a tablet (e.g., iPad) and Swivl technology. The combination of these technologies enables real-time and video classroom observations and evaluations.
    • Participating school districts and teachers will receive nominal compensation ($100 per student teacher and $50 per practicum teacher, respectively).
  • Testing and licensing fees for Kansas K-6 licensure
  • Testing and licensing fees in other states as needed
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Quick Facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science
College: Health and Human Sciences
Credits: 120
Course delivery: Online

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