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Admission Requirements for the Conflict Resolution Graduate and Undergraduate Certificate Programs

To qualify for admission into the conflict resolution certificate program, students must have completed the following requirements based on which program — undergraduate or graduate — they would like to pursue.

Undergraduate Certificate Requirements:

  • High School diploma or a bachelor's degree in another field
  • Admission to K-State as a nondegree-seeking undergraduate student
  • United States residency or active duty military 

Graduate Certificate Requirements:

  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree
  • Admission to the K-State Graduate School
  • United States residency or active-duty military
  • To be awarded a graduate certificate, the student must:
    • have earned all the required credits in the six years prior to the semester in which the certificate plan is submitted
    • not be on probation
    • have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on graduate coursework and on coursework applied to the certificate
    • meet all the requirements of the Graduate School and the student's certificate program
    • be enrolled during the semester in which the certificate requirements are completed
    • provide official transcripts for any approved transfer credits.

Application Deadlines

You must be admitted for the fall semester by Aug. 1, spring semester by Jan. 1 and summer semester by May 1. This means that all transcripts, application fees and any other requirements must be completed and received by these dates.

Please note: It takes at least four to six weeks for an application to be processed once all application materials have been received by the university.

How to Apply

To apply for the undergraduate certificate in conflict resolution, apply as a nondegree-seeking student by completing the online application form

To apply for the graduate certificate in conflict resolution, view admission details, transcript information and apply for the program through the K-State Graduate School application process. Then enroll in FSHS 751, the first course you are required to take for the graduate program.


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Quick Facts

Degree: Graduate Certificate or Undergraduate Certificate
College: Health and Human Sciences
Credits: 12
Course delivery: Online

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