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Conflict Resolution Programs

Gain a competitive edge

Set yourself apart from the rest by strengthening your conflict competence. Kansas State University offers a variety of coursework and degree-enhancing options for incorporating conflict management knowledge and skills into your personal portfolio.

According to an analysis of job listings in the U.S., more than 320,000 jobs specifically sought conflict resolution as a skill in 2017, while employment in fields relating to conflict resolution is expected to grow 10 percent over the next eight years. With a growing need for conflict resolution abilities in the workplace, K-State's nationally award-winning conflict resolution certificate program provides valuable skills that can be applied to any profession.

Special Summer Program

The Summer Institute in Conflict Resolution invites students from K-State and all over the world to spend two months on campus OR online learning together, allowing participants to enhance their marketability by adding an undergraduate or graduate certificate to their current degree.

Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies Minor

By enrolling in two additional classes in a subsequent semester, you can earn a minor in Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies either on campus OR online.

Conflict Resolution Courses offered every semester

On campus AND online conflict resolution courses are offered every semester of each academic year. Courses range from an introductory conflict resolution course to those needed for an undergraduate or graduate certificate and courses in the undergraduate minor.

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