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K-State Global Campus
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Manhattan, KS 66506-0100

1-800-622-2578 (toll free)

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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

Tips and Tricks from K-State Faculty

View all faculty presentations on our YouTube channel. 

Have a Byte Presentations - 2019

K-State Global Campus Have a Byte - Thuria Mossa
K-State Global Campus Have a Byte - Russell Feldhausen
K-State Global Campus Have a Byte - Brandon Savage
K-State Global Campus Have a Byte - Barbara DeSanto
K-State Global Campus Have a Byte - Della Perez
K-State Global Campus Have a Byte - Linda Yarrow

Peer-to-Peer Distance Learning Exchange Presentations - 2019

Building a Sense of Community in an Asynchronous Online Class - Katie Burke
Competition, Community and Access: the World Wide Web of Online Education - Huston Gibson
Experiential Learning as a Tool for Stress Management - Kodee Walls
Flipgrid: An Easy Social Video Tool - Laura Kanost
Incorporating Active Learning into a Large Enrollment Veterinary Anatomy Course – Cathy Sparks
Learning à la carte: Successes and On-going Struggles - David Thompson
Put Yourself Out There: Creating Presence in Online Courses Using Video - Lori Levin
Quizzing for Comprehension: Interactive Videos - Rebecca Adams
Showcasing Student Learning with Book Creator - Gaea Hock
Tabbed Syllabus Style in Canvas Pages - Deborah Goins
What Motivates? Tec-Variety - Suzanne Porath

Have a Byte Presentations - 2018

Connecting Feedback and Practice Through Time-Shifted Dialogue - David Allen and Jill Wood
ANTH101.com – Anthropology for Everyone - Michael Wesch
Hybrid Distance: Frameworks for Best Approach - Ron Jackson, Deborah Kohl and Trina McCarty
Developing a Win-Win Relationship with Academic Supply Chain Partners - Chwen Sheu
Creating and Cultivating Connection in an Online Classroom - Kelli Grant
Growth, Quality, and Resource Management in Online Learning: The MAT Model - Todd Goodson
Using BBCollaborate to Engage with Students Around the Globe - Deborah Kohl
Supporting Connections Through Student Cohorts - Roxanne Martens

Effective Online Discussions – Faculty Panel

Effective Online Discussions
Panel presentation with Kakali Bhattacharya, Cindy Debes, Kathleen Hoss-Cruz, and Suzanne Porath
Panel presentation with Doris Carroll, Ann Knackendoffel, Linda Yarrow and Susan Yelich-Biniecki

More Tips

A Whole New World - Third Party Apps
Accessibility Tips - Ann Knackendoffel
Before and After - My First Online Course - Jorge Valenzuela
Citizen Educator: Taking Responsibility for Fostering Student Persistence
Closed Captioning
Custom e-Textbooks within Canvas
Discussion and Student Engagement - Cynthia Debes
Effective Instructional Videos
Efficiency and Effectiveness when Teaching On-Campus and Online
Engaging Students in the Material via the World Around Us
Enhancing Instructor Presence through SpeedGrader Video Feedback
Goodbye, College as We Know It
How to Use New Tools in Canvas
Improvement of Distance Course
Integrating the Land-Grant University Mission into Engaged Online Course Assignments
K-State Online LMS Data Portal and Five Years of Activated Third Party Apps
Managing Real Time Assignments in the Online Environment
“Mix It Up” Approach in Teaching about Human - Nadia Shapkina
Personal Connections Matter
Podcasting, Pedagogy, and Power
So You Think You Know How to Do a Presentation
Speedgrader in Canvas
Super Learning with Superheroes: Humor, Creativity, and Engagement as Pedagogical Tools
The Managed Heart: Emotional Presence in a Digital World
Things Learned in the Online Essentials Course
Today's Meet App
Top Five Things I Have Learned as an Online Instructor
Use of a Video in an Online Course
Using Current Events to Link the Real-World to Course Content - Barbara DeSanto
Using Resources Other Than Textbooks, such as TED Ed Videos - Aida Farough
Using SnagIt to Create Video Tutorials - Amy Rosine