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K-State Global Campus
010 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506-0100

1-800-622-2578 (toll free)

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

Working Groups

Task Force Members

Cheradee Abejero, Purchasing
Andy Bennett, College of Arts and Sciences*
Jennifer Bormann, Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs Committee*
Amy Button Renz, K-State Alumni Association*
Tara Coleman, K-State Libraries
Shari Crittendon, General Counsel
DCM representative* (as needed by work groups)
Stacy Divine, IT
Megan Eakin, Human Capital Services
Kelli Farris, Center for Student Involvement*
Bronwyn Fees, College of Health and Human Sciences*
Scott Finkeldei, IT
Dana Flynn, Global Campus*
Rebecca Frakes, Global Campus*
Tanya Gonzalez, Office of the Provost
Trisha Gott, School of Leadership Studies
Debbie Hagenmaier, Global Campus
Sara Heiman, Center for Student Involvement
Courtney Hoffman, K-State Salina*
Julie Hunt, Global Campus
Ron Jackson, Global Campus
Christopher Jones, College of Engineering
Bob Larson, College of Veterinary Medicine
Caelee Lehman, K-State Olathe
Laurel Littrell, Faculty Senate
Tonnie Martinez, College of Education
Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Global Campus
Trina McCarty, Global Campus
Jared Meitler, Career and Employment Services*
Dan Moser, College of Agriculture
Ellyn Mulcahey, MPH, College of Veterinary Medicine
Ashley Nietfeld, Global Campus*
Janice Nikkel, Global Campus*
Karen Pedersen, Global Campus
Rick Peterson, K-State Research & Extension
Adam Petrea, IT
Claudia Petrescu, Graduate School
Charlotte Pfaff, Office of the Registrar*
Deanna Retzlaff, College of Agriculture
Don Saucier, Incoming Faculty Senate President, Teaching & Learning Center*
Martin Seay, College of Health and Human Sciences*
Jeff Sheldon, K-State Libraries*
Chwen Sheu, College of Business Administration
Lisa Shubert, College of Architecture, Planning & Design
Marisa Stahl, Division of Financial Services*
Scott Tanona, College of Arts & SciencesChris Urban, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Ben Ward, College of Business Administration*
Jennifer Thornburg, Global Campus*
George Widenor, Global Campus*
Erin Yelland, Center on Aging*
Becca Zecha, Budget Office*
Kirsten Zoller, K-State Salina
Representative: faculty affairs committee, faculty senate*

*Denotes new addition. All others served on the microcredentials strategic investment fund proposal team. Others may be added as identified.

Working Groups

  • Policies
    1. K-State Microcredentials Policy Development
      Lead: Karen Pedersen
      Members: Andy Bennett, Jenny Bormann, Shari Crittendon, Bronwyn Fees, Debbie Hagenmaier, Julie Hunt, Ron Jackson, Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Janice Nikkel, Rick Peterson, Claudia Petrescu, Deanna Retzlaff, Don Saucier, Chwen Sheu, Kirsten Zoller

      Goal: Develop K-State policy governing the development and offering of microcredentials at K-State, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of a comprehensive learner experience for K-State learners.
  • Process
    1. Determine Financial Model for Microcredentials
      Lead: Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson
      Members: Debbie Hagenmaier, Ron Jackson, Christopher Jones, Martin Seay, Scott Tanona, Becca Zecha

      Goal: Develop standards and best practices for finances related to the offering of microcredentials.

    2. Technology Procurement: Request for Proposals
      Lead: Debbie Hagenmaier
      Members: Cheradee Abejero, Stacy Divine, Scott Finkeldei, Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Adam Petrea, Martin Seay, Ben Ward

      Goal: Determine microcredentials platform requirements, conduct an RFP and procure a system that provides a reliable repository for the learner record and fulfills the need for a learner-centered experience.

    3. Technology Administration and Implementation
      Lead: Debbie Hagenmaier
      Members: Stacy Divine, Megan Eakin, Scott Finkeldei, Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Trina McCarty, Janice Nikkel, Adam Petrea, Charlotte Pfaff, Marisa Stahl

      Goal: Establish system administration and use parameters, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of a comprehensive learner record for K-State learners. Implement microcredentials platform at K-State, integrating with appropriate systems for best internal and external user experience.

    4. Branding Development
      Lead: Ashley Nietfeld
      Members: Julie Hunt

      Goal: Develop a unified microcredential branding package following industry best practices to be applied across all types of microcredentials offered by K-State.

    5. Develop Internal Processes for Offering K-State Microcredentials
      Lead: Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson/Debbie Hagenmaier
      Members: Jenny Bormann, Stacy Divine, Megan Eakin, Scott Finkeldei, Dana Flynn, Rebecca Frakes, Ron Jackson, Caelee Lehman, Tonnie Martinez, Janice Nikkel, Jeff Sheldon, Chwen Sheu, Marisa Stahl, Chris Urban, Ben Ward, Erin Yelland, Kirsten Zoller

      Goal: Develop K-State academic and business processes to guide the development and offering of microcredentials.
  • Communications
    1. K-State Internal Communications
      Lead: Ashley Nietfeld
      Members: Debbie Hagenmaier, Julie Hunt, Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson

    2. External Communications/Marketing
      Lead: George Widenor
      Members: Debbie Hagenmaier, Janice Nikkel, Kirsten Zoller