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Ashley Noll
Program Coordinator

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
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Success Stories

Amy Martens Student Success Story

Amy Martens '01

Engineering Management Master's  
Topeka, Kansas

After earning a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Kansas State University, Amy Martens knew she wanted to go back for a graduate degree. What she wasn't sure of was whether to pursue an advanced engineering program or go back for her Master of Business Administration degree.

Rather than choose between the two, Martens opted for the online engineering management master's program through K-State Global Campus, receiving the best of both options in the process.

As a manager of continuous quality and engineering services at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Martens found her coursework directly applicable to her chosen career, while much of the work she was doing for Blue Cross and Blue Shield was directly related to what she was learning in her classes. This dynamic increased the program's value for her.

Engineering Management Master's Student Experience

View Amy's video testimonial about her experiences in the online engineering management master's degree program.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Master of Engineering Management
College: Engineering
Credits: 30
Course delivery: Online
Tuition per credit hour: $838

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