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Online Engineering Courses

Graduate engineering online courses can lead to a master’s degree or graduate certificate program. Selected undergraduate engineering online courses are offered to supplement the programs of students (both K-State and non-K-State) who are away for internships or employment, have a scheduling conflict or for other reasons are not able to take the courses on campus. Community college students are encouraged to take these courses to get a jump-start on their engineering program before they arrive on campus.

To find upcoming online engineering courses, go to the K-State Global Campus Class Search page and under the Advanced Search, select the semester and year under Term, select College of Engineering under College, check the Completely Accessible from Home box, choose any other criteria that you wish, and then click Search. Click on the course of your choice to view the course information and to enroll online.

  • Architectural Engineering courses begin with "ARE"
  • Civil Engineering courses begin with "CE"
  • Chemical Engineering courses begin with "CHE"
  • Electrical Engineering courses begin with "EECE"
  • Engineering Management courses begin with "IMSE"
  • Industrial Engineering courses begin with "IMSE"
  • Mechanical Engineering courses begin with "ME"
  • Nuclear Engineering courses begin with "NE"
  • Operation Research courses begin with "IMSE"
  • Software Engineering courses begin with "CIS"

Graduate courses are at the 600-level or above. Undergraduate courses are at the 500-level or below. 600- and 700-level courses may be taken for either graduate or undergraduate credit. The cost of the courses is listed with each individual description.