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Julie Hunt
Program Coordinator


“EDCEP 103 is a great way to learn about the important issues students face in college, such as the consequences of drinking/smoking, ways to de-stress, illness prevention and many more pertinent topics. Being 100% online, EDCEP 103 is a convenient way for students to get college credit while learning useful information.”

Cassie, Public Health Nutrition/Dietetic

“I think it is a great course that has taught me things I can actually apply and use now and throughout the rest of my life!”

Allison, Senior in Sociology

“I'm writing this to you as a courtesy because I really enjoyed your class. You keep your students informed on all required assignments, and your discussions were extremely interesting to me. It's very helpful to me to have reminders sent to my email, and I'm sure others would agree. What I enjoyed the most about the discussions was the variety of topics to write about. The work load was fair, and the matrix was interesting as well. I'm glad that I decided to take this class, and I did learn some interesting information that will benefit me and my family in the future”

Mike, Freshman in Geology

“This class was the most laid-back 3-hour course I have ever taken. It went pretty well. Not much stress is involved with this course. Plus, all the topics covered in this class applied to some part of my life, either directly or indirectly.”

Meagan, Senior in Social Science