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Julie Hunt
Program Coordinator


“I made many assumptions based on my previous experience and acculturation. However, since taking these classes I am better able to critically reflect on those assumptions. With that information I am able to see why I had those misconceptions and also see how to overcome them in my classroom practice.”

– Elementary Teacher

“My insights into the education of ELL/CLD students have changed thanks to my graduate classes. I have developed the tools to accommodate and modify my instruction so it is differentiated to meet the needs of all my exceptional students.”

– Secondary Teacher

“One last reflection on how my thinking has changed due to the ESL coursework. I have changed my thinking, my lesson planning and my ability to reflect on and communicate about student achievement. I have changed how I conduct my classroom.”

– Middle School Science Teacher

“In learning and reflecting on my experiences with CLD students, I have totally changed the way I look at teaching and planning. I used to plan activities based on whether I thought it was a good way to teach the lesson. I looked at what I needed to teach and then tried to find the best ways to teach it. Now, I am thinking about the individual students' language acquisition and about the different processes in the Prism Model. I am taking into account their individual biographies. I am trying to find authentic assessments in order to get a better understanding of their knowledge. I am finding that much more should go into planning than just finding a good activity.”

– Elementary Teacher

“Truly enlightening is how I would describe my experience in this course work. I have learned so much that has made my life as a teacher of CLD students so much easier as well as successful. There were so many realizations about things that I had never really considered that led to improvement in my teaching. One of the first realizations that I had was the difference between BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) and CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency). I would see my students talking in the hallway with their friends in relatively good English. They would stumble over a few words or make some grammatical errors, but overall they seemed fluent. Then they would come into my classroom and basically freeze up. I didn't understand why they were struggling when they seemed so fluent. Once I understood the difference between BICS, which is what they were highly motivated to learn and use with friends, and CALP, which they were not familiar with and I was expecting them to use in class, I was able to take things a lot slower and check for understanding. My success and progress rate improved greatly.”

– Elementary Teacher

“Through these courses, I have gained a lot of insight and now I am knowledgeable of many different strategies to foster CLD/ELL and students' learning in general.”

– High School Spanish Teacher

“Throughout the course work, I have learned to be more in tune with my students' sociocultural background. I feel that I was already a data-driven instructor who knew the implications of reading levels, testing scores, Individualized Education Plans or Language Learner Education Plans. I knew that where a student came from—their family, their faith, their community was important; I just wasn't sure how to tap into that knowledge base. I now know that I can communicate with the students on a social level so that the background knowledge is at the surface. I am able to link the backgrounds to new ideas and concepts.”

– Middle School Science Teacher

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