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Admission to Professional Education Major

To qualify for admission into the online educational studies bachelor's degree as a professional education major, students must have already completed or meet the following requirements:

  • 42 college credits with a 2.75 minimum cumulative GPA
  • Grade of C or higher in:
    • ENGL 100
    • ENGL 200
    • COMM 105, 106 or 109
    • MATH 100 or higher-level math
    • STAT 325 (or MATH 160 for elementary)
  • Early Field Experience and Orientation to Teacher Education at K-State (can be currently enrolled)
  • Basic Skills Test or composite ACT of 22

Once the admissions requirements for the professional elementary education program have been met, students must immediately complete the application to teacher education.

Transfer students who have satisfied all the admission requirements should apply at the time of initial enrollment. Students making changes in degree programs within teacher education must reapply for teacher education.

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