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Julie Hunt
Program Coordinator

Educational Computing, Design and Online Learning

The educational computing, design and online learning area of specialization for the Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction is for educators who want to develop instruction using learning technologies. All course work for this degree is available online. 

In this specialty, students will:

  • study the research and theories behind technology choices
  • develop instructional design knowledge and skills
  • learn about online and hybrid learning; project-based learning; technology's role in school reform; telementoring and telecollaboration; ethical and social issues in technology; and informal and intentional learning projects (e.g. online or in a museum or park).

Graduates have become technology directors and instructional designers, and have also continued with doctoral study in this area for work in higher education at the community college or university level as faculty or administrators.

Instructional Design Emphasis

Instructional design principles are emphasized in this specialty. These principles are applied to teaching and learning in face-to-face instruction, immersive spaces and virtual worlds, augmented reality and other distributed and online learning environments.

Download the Curriculum and Instruction Online Graduate Programs (PDF) booklet.


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Quick Facts

Degree: Master of Science
College: Education
Credits: Minimum of 31
Course delivery: Online

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