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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Ed.D.?

The K-State Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Curriculum and Instruction combines rigorous online coursework with internships to help students to earn a doctorate in three years. Upon completion, students will become curriculum and instructional leaders in their schools and districts.

2. How is the program organized?

The program follows a cohort model. Students begin in summer with three courses (see curriculum below).

3. Can I complete the degree from anywhere? Are courses taught asynchronously?

Yes, from anywhere in the U.S. and many parts of the world. Course are asynchronous, with regular opportunities for synchronous instruction.

4. When can I apply?

The application deadline is May 1, but students may submit an application any time before this date.

5. What are the application criteria?

Students must be a practicing educator with access to an educational context to conduct research, hold a bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree with 3.0 GPA or above.

6. What tests will be required?

We do not require an entrance exam or test.

7. What is the difference between an Ed.D. and Ph.D.?

The difference between Ed.D. and Ph.D. varies at each institution and department. In the K-State Department of Curriculum and Instruction, both degrees culminate in a dissertation of original research. The Ed.D. is more practical and focuses on curricular and instructional issues in the student’s immediate educational contexts. The structure of the Ed.D. program is meant to alleviate many of the barriers practicing educators face in completing a doctorate.

8. What sort of jobs does this degree prepare students for?

In general, the K-State Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction prepares individuals to be curricular leaders in their educational context. This could include teachers, school and district curriculum coaches, nonprofit educators, administrators (who hold leadership license), college faculty, and state administrators. The Ed.D does provide you the necessary credentials to work in higher education institutions also.

9. How do students complete internships uniquely tailored to their educational context?

Students will enroll in internships during the fall and spring semesters for a total of four internships over the program. These are not traditional internships, and do not require a mentor. These are courses that provide time and space for students to work on their dissertation with faculty support. The internships allow students to tailor their dissertation research to their educational context.

10. Does my master’s or other graduate credit count toward the degree?

Yes, 30 hours from your master’s and/or other graduate credit counts toward the total 94 credit hours. The 64 credit hours that remain constitute the three-year program of study.

11. Are assistantships and financial aid available?

Yes, assistantships and financial aid are available to students who meet certain qualifications.

  • A limited number of assistantships are available, which involve working with pre-service teachers online.

12. What is the cost?

  • Tuition is through K-State Global Campus at a set rate of $567.90 per credit hour.
  • At 19-21 credit hours per year, the program costs approximately $11,000 per year.

13. How is the curriculum organized

Cohort 2 2019-2022

Progression of Dissertation

Summer 2019

EDCI 900 Intro. To Doctoral Studies 3

EDCI 882 Teaching and Learning Models 3

EDCI 886 Introduction to Ed.D. Inquiry I 3

Identify Possible Dissertation Topics

Fall 2019

EDCI 812 History of American Education 3

EDCI 991 Internship I 3

Situate Topic in Educational Context

Spring 2020

EDCI 831 Contemp. Issues in Teach. & Learn. 3

EDCI 991 Internship II 3

Develop Research Framework

Summer 2020

EDCI 901 Literature Reviews for Doc. Research 3

EDCI 864 Social/Cultural Issues in Ed. Tech. 3

EDCI 907 Curriculum Theory 3

Develop Literature Review

Fall 2020

EDCI 886 Introduction to Ed.D. Inquiry II 3

EDCI 991 Internship III 3

Develop Research Questions

Spring 2021

EDLEA Research Methods: Qualitative 3

EDCI 991 Internship IV 3

Develop Research Methodology

Summer 2021

EDCI 886 Research Course 3

EDCI 866 Ed. Tech, Change Management 3

Prepare Dissertation Proposal

Preliminary Exam & Proposal Defense

Fall 2021

EDCI 999 Dissertation 1 3

Collect Data Dissertation

Spring 2022

EDCI 999 Dissertation 2 3

Analyze Data & Write Dissertation

Summer 2022

EDCI 999 Dissertation 3 3

Write & Defend Dissertation

Total Credits 64

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Degree: Doctorate
College: Education
Credits: 94
Course delivery: Online

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