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Courses for Educators

K-State's College of Education offers a variety of courses online, at locations convenient for teachers and many in workshop or short course formats.

To view the available courses for educators please go to our course search. Choose the semester (term) you’d like to review and College of Education. You can further segment the courses by department or click search to see all available courses.

Special Courses

The K-State College of Education through K-State Global Campus offers special courses for a variety of audiences including educators, students, higher education professionals and nonprofit organizations.

To enroll for any of these courses use our course search tool to find the class number. You’ll need to use this identification number to enroll in the class(es) through KSIS. For more information view our step-by-step how to enroll webpage.

College Student Development: Courses help prepare professionals for work in a college setting at a variety of student affairs agencies and to assist the student to meet the professional entry-level and advancement requirements in the field. A Master of Science in College Student Development and a Ph.D. in Student Affairs in Higher Education are offered on-campus through the College of Education. Occasionally, courses from the programs are offered online.

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EDCEP 830 – Diversity in Higher Education (3 credits; summer)

EDCEP 926 – Enrollment Management in Higher Education (3 credits; fall, odd-numbered years only)

Course descriptions can be viewed in the Graduate Catalog.

Counseling: Courses designed for teachers, counselors and school administrators who desire to learn more about personal development, its impact on school achievement, the educational process and how the needs of culturally diverse populations can be met through human development principles. A Master of Science in School Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision are offered on-campus through the College of Education. Occasionally, courses from the school counseling curriculum are offered online.

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  • EDCEP 822 - Principles of Guidance
  • EDCEP 871 - Consultation for Counselors
  • EDCEP 921 - Advanced Educational Psychology: Development
  • EDCEP 951 - Multicultural Counseling

Course descriptions can be viewed in the Graduate Catalog.

EDCEP 821 - Fundamentals of Program Evaluation: A course for those who are preparing for or are in positions where accountability of programming is expected. The course is taught during the fall semester. Prerequisite: EDCEP 816 or similar course. 

Courses on Making Healthy Life Choices: Making healthy life choices during (and after) college can be difficult. Whether you’re dealing with stress, struggling to make healthy choices or wondering how to begin that all-important job search, K-State Global Campus offers 8-week courses that can help you address these issues while earning college credit.

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EDCEP 103 - Healthful and Safe College Life was developed for students who want to increase their knowledge of healthful practices while in college. The course will address pertinent health topics that impact college students and give them the knowledge to make informed decisions when faced with difficult situations. Some of the topics covered in the course include nutrition and fitness, mental health, illness prevention, sexual health, and alcohol and drug use.

EDCEP 202 - Career and Life Planning applies theory research concerning the assessment of interests and career choices to an individual’s planning and decision-making. This course focuses on understanding of the complexities of the world of work and integrating this understanding into each person's planning experience, characteristics, motives and values in the career exploration process. Students will also learn skills to improve their resume writing, interviewing and job search techniques.

EDCEP 502 - Stress Management provides an understanding of the causes and effects of stress on a person's life. Students are introduced to methods for reducing stress and enhancing healthy behaviors in their work, home and personal space. This course uses biofeedback training to teach stress reduction, and students will learn stress management strategies for use in professional settings.

SVS Spanish: A Spanish program for schools without a foreign language teacher. Led by a certified Spanish teacher, SVS Spanish offers full-year Spanish I and Spanish II courses for students in grades 8-12. The program utilizes DVD lessons and interactive communication practices.