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Deborah Kohl
Coordinator, MAB Program

Suzy Auten
Director, Professional MBA Program

Master of Agribusiness and Professional Master of Business Administration Dual Degree

The Master of Agribusiness (MAB) and Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA) dual degree program allows students to earn both the MAB and PMBA degrees concurrently. The program is designed for students who want to advance their careers in the food, agriculture or animal health sectors. Students will gain business problem-solving skills, organizational communication and change management acumen, while developing strategic analysis competencies leveraging technological tools that optimize workplace efficiencies.

Careers with a dual degree

As students completing the program are already employed, the MAB/PMBA positions students for career advancement opportunities. The dual degree program also provides skills for entry into a career in the ever-expanding food, agriculture or animal health industries, regardless of the industry in which a student currently serves. Advanced business skills provide graduates with broad marketability and opportunities for career flexibility.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Dual Master of Agribusiness and Professional Master of Business Administration
Colleges: Agriculture and Business Administration
Credits: 63 credit hours including international experience and a thesis
Course delivery: Online, DVD, online recitations, on-site (4 one-week on-campus sessions for MAB and face to face Orientation for PMBA)
Tuition: Approximately $57,000

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