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K-State Global Campus
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will completing my bachelor's degree benefit me?
Achieving the goal of degree completion can often lead to enhancing your career, increasing your skills and can open the door to new opportunities. Learn more about the benefits of degree completion and view stories from students who have taken the next step toward their degree. 

Are bachelor's degree completion programs only available as online programs?
A bachelor's degree completion program has the potential to assist students in completing degrees in other undergraduate majors at K-State. Contact K-State Global Campus at 1-800-622-2578 or global@k-state.edu for information regarding this possibility.

What on-campus bachelor's degrees are available?
If you are located close enough to a K-State Campus, you may choose from K-State's on-campus bachelor's degrees.

What is the cost?
Online course fees and tuition vary by program and are subject to change. For up-to-date costs by course, refer to the K-State Global Campus Class Search.

Are scholarships available?
Yes, degree-seeking students who are admitted to a K-State bachelor's degree completion program qualify for scholarships or other financial aid. View scholarships.

What resources are available if I need help throughout my program?
Visit the K-State Global Campus student services website to see a complete list of services and support available to you as a K-State distance student.

Are online graduate programs available after I complete my bachelor's degree?
Yes, K-State also offers on-campus and online graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines. View graduate programs.