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Nondegree Students

Is requesting to enroll as nondegree-seeking the best way for you to start taking online or off-campus courses? Here are some questions to help you decide.

  • Is distance education for you? Do you want to take a few K-State distance classes to try it out without formally applying to a degree program?
  • Have you decided you want to pursue an online degree, certificate or minor but there is not enough time to be formally admitted before classes start? (Undergraduate admission to a degree program or minor takes approximately one month and graduate admission to a degree or certificate program takes approximately 2-3 months to process.)
  • The semester is about to begin and you want to start taking classes right away. Are you wondering about the best way to get enrolled in classes quickly?
  • Do you want to take an online class from K-State to transfer it elsewhere?
  • Have you submitted your application for an online graduate degree or certificate? Classes are about to start but you have not yet been formally admitted to K-State. Do you still want to take classes this semester?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should request to enroll at K-State as a nondegree-seeking student.

Undergraduate nondegree-seeking: Students wishing to take undergraduate distance classes without applying to a degree, certificate or minor program must apply to K-State as a nondegree-seeking student. Individuals can take up to 15 credit hours as a nondegree-seeking undergraduate student. Nondegree students are not eligible for financial assistance. Apply now!

Graduate restricted/nondegree-seeking: Students wishing to take graduate distance classes without applying to a degree program* may request permission to take classes at K-State as a restricted student. Individuals can take graduate classes for one semester as a restricted student. Before enrolling in subsequent semesters, they must formally apply to the Graduate School as either a nondegree-seeking or a degree-seeking student. Once admitted, nondegree graduate students can take up to 9 credit hours and are not eligible for financial assistance. Apply now by selecting a graduate course, adding it to your Class Interest List and following the prompts to complete the Graduate Nondegree Enrollment Request form.

* Some programs require students to be fully admitted before they can take their first class. Check out your program of interest for any restrictions.

Important Notes

  • The undergraduate nondegree-seeking application process takes 1-3 business days. The graduate nondegree-seeking application process takes 3-5 business days.
  • Nondegree students are not required to pay application fees or have official transcripts sent to the university. Students enrolling at K-State for graduate credit for the first time must provide an unofficial transcript to the university. Undergraduate students may need to provide an unofficial transcript if enrolling in courses requiring prerequisites.
  • Upon approval, all nondegree-seeking students will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to enroll in a course.
  • Nondegree students are not eligible for financial assistance.
  • Enrolling as a nondegree-seeking student does not guarantee acceptance to a degree program.
Think you might want to apply for admission to a program after all? See a full list of available online programs with instructions on how to formally apply, or you can always apply for formal admission once you've enrolled in your first class as a nondegree-seeking student.