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Policies and procedures

Who Can Teach?
Evening College class instruction is open to regular and adjunct faculty members and graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) approved by their department. Interested instructors are encouraged to submit a course proposal or contact the department for specific course needs or guidelines.

Instructor Salary Compensation/Development Reserve Account (DRA) Transfers
Instructor compensation for teaching Evening College classes will be paid pursuant to the K-State Faculty Senate policy.

Faculty Member General Information
Regular faculty members may choose to receive salary compensation or funds transferred into the departmental/college DRA for teaching self-funded Evening College classes supported by the K-State Global Campus. The Enterprise Information System (EIS) allows the faculty member to designate either salary compensation or DRA with the approval of the Department Head and Dean's Office. Some colleges/departments require DRA, so please check with your department before selecting salary compensation. Adjunct faculty will receive salary compensation and cannot designate DRA.

An agreement indicating the rate per credit hour will be sent to the instructor prior to the start of Evening College. Using the information in the agreement, a minimum salary compensation or DRA amount for which the class will be taught may be indicated in the blank provided. If this minimum is not assured by the "go/no go" decision date, the class may be canceled by mutual consent between the instructor, department, and K-State Global Campus. Salary compensation and DRA for Evening College classes is based on the final number of paid enrollments for the class. This number is based on enrollments the day following the date for receiving a refund if a student drops the class.

Faculty Member Salary Compensation
If the faculty member selects salary compensation, the compensation is added as salary to an existing payroll check or paid in a separate check as determined by Human Resources. If the faculty member has a full-time (ten-tenths) appointment during a pay period when the Evening College salary compensation is paid, the faculty member is considered to be on overload (see Faculty Member Overload below).

Faculty Member DRA Payment
If the faculty member selects DRA, K-State Global Campus transfers funds into the department/college DRA account. Funds from this account will be used solely by the department/college for education directly related to their employee's present job skills or to fund other department/college needs. A DRA is not salary compensation and therefore does not require overload approval.

Faculty Member Overload
Evening College overloads apply to nine-month faculty members who select salary compensation for teaching Evening College and have a full-time (ten-tenths) appointment during the pay period when the Evening College salary compensation is paid. Nine-month faculty who teach during the summer may or may not be on overload depending on their appointment status at the time the Evening College salary compensation is paid. All full-time (ten-tenths) twelve-month faculty members who select salary compensation from K-State Global Campus for teaching an Evening College class will be on overload. Overload salary compensation requires additional approvals (via EIS) from the Dean of Global Campus and the Provost or appropriate Vice President depending on where the instructor's full-time appointment originates.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Salary Compensation
GTAs teaching a self-funded Evening College course supported by K-State Global Campus will receive salary compensation in the form of a departmental transfer based on the final number of paid enrollments for the class. This number is determined by counting the student enrollments the day following the date for receiving a refund if a student drops the class. The class may be canceled by mutual agreement between the GTA, department, and K-State Global Campus if the level of salary compensation is too low by the "go/no go" decision date.

Questions regarding tuition waivers or GTA appointments for K-State Global Campus courses should be directed to the GTA's department.

Classroom Assignments
Instructors are asked to provide the building and room number of the classroom they would like to use for Evening College. In most cases, it is possible to schedule the requested room. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to change the location of your class based on enrollment capacity or availability of space during the Evening College period. Room Scheduling, in the Facilities Department, has the final say on room assignments. If a room must be changed, K-State Global Campus will notify both the instructor and the students by email. In addition, the web page information will be changed to reflect the new room.

It is recommended that if a room is changed, the instructor should place a sign on the old room's door directing students to the new room on the first day or two of class.

Rosters and Grade Reporting
Rosters and Grade Reports will be done in KSIS. The same process will be used as for all other classes. If a student does not appear on your roster, ask the student if he or she registered/enrolled for the class.

Changes to Your Course/Class
If changes need to be made to your class, please contact Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Evening College program coordinator, to implement the changes in EIS. In some cases, such as changes in instructor payment method, starting or ending dates, or credit level, the class will have to go through the approval process again. Other changes, such as materials fees, do not require reapprovals.

If you indicate that a textbook is required for your class, you will be contacted directly by the Campus Bookstore. They will ensure that the correct textbook materials are ordered for your class.

Board of Regents Guidelines

Class Requirements and Credit
Detailed information about Board of Regents guidelines for class development is available on their website.

The specific minimum numbers of contact hours required for a class are as follows:

  • 1 credit hour – 12.5 hours
  • 2 credit hours – 25.0 hours
  • 3 credit hours – 37.5 hours

Classes numbered 000 through 499 are offered for undergraduate credit.
Classes numbered 500-799 are offered for both graduate and undergraduate credit.
Classes numbered 800-999 are offered for graduate credit.

Tuition and Fees
Students will be charged on campus resident and non-resident tuition and fees, as well as any applicable material fees, special and health fees, specific college fees, and the campus privilege fee.

Evening College grades are due within five business days after the completion of the class. Grading is done in KSIS just like all other classes.

K-State Global Campus will promote classes submitted and approved by the course proposal submission deadline for each semester.

"Go/No Go"
Each instructor will receive email notification to check the current enrollment in their class(s) prior to the start of Evening College.

If the class is above the minimum enrollment indicated on the compensation agreement, the class will automatically be considered a “Go.” If the number of enrollments is close to the minimum, the instructor will be consulted as to what he or she would like to do. Options include canceling the class at that time, waiting additional time so that a concerted marketing effort can be done by the instructor, or running the class at less compensation. Enrollment is permitted until after the class starts, so the figures available at the beginning may not reflect the actual enrollment. If the enrollment is very low, the class will be canceled at that time.

Students will be notified by email if their class is cancelled.

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