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Evening College tips and FAQ

How do I find out what the drop and refund dates are for my non-standard eight-week or 10-week Evening College course?

Non-standard drop and refund dates are listed on the academic course schedule for each semester. Select the semester schedule for which you are enrolled, click on it, then click on "Course Schedule." At the top of the page under "Course schedule information", you'll see a clickable "non-standard drop and refund dates" option. Once you click on that, you can enter the five-digit class number from your KSIS Class Schedule or scroll down until you locate your class.

Why is my Evening College course listed separately on my bill? Does that mean you're charging me more?

It's listed separately on your bill because Global Campus coordinates the course, but there is no additional charge. The Evening College course costs the same as an in-person course during the day in that same department and college. You will pay resident tuition or non-resident tuition, just like you do for your daytime on campus courses.

What if my class is canceled?

Evening College classes may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. Decisions about which Evening College classes will be offered are made based on the number of registrations (early enrollment helps ensure that classes will have enough enrollments to be offered). Students will be notified by email if their class is canceled. Students who enrolled in a canceled class have the option of enrolling in another class or obtaining a full refund.

Where do I park for Evening College?

Parking is free on the K-State campus after 5 p.m. If you need to park on campus before 5 p.m., visit the Information Booth on 17th Street just west of the K-State Student Union to purchase a parking permit.

How can I walk safely to my car/home after my class gets out in the dark?

We have some great campus safety tips, including signing up for an escort with Wildcat Walk

Have a question not answered here? Contact the Evening College coordinator, Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, at 785-532-2570 or jam4545@k-state.edu.

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