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K-State Faculty and Staff

Planning and delivering a successful conference is a full-time job that requires the careful management of many details. We are a one-stop service provider supporting K-State faculty and staff.  We are here to partner with you in support of the goals and objectives of your meeting, save you time, relieve your stress, and limit the liabilities that accompany event planning.

Conference Management Services is the campus unit responsible for the coordination of your K-State event.  Our professional staff is equipped to support your event and ensure that it is compliant with Kansas State University and State of Kansas policies and procedures including:

University Contracts and Agreements

Our coordination team has the training to negotiate contracts for the State of Kansas and K-State Global Campus has the authority to sign conference agreements for the university.

Liability Training and Policies

Conference coordinators are trained to anticipate and prevent problems or potential liabilities that can arise in conferencing. Because of these liability issues, K-State has appointed K-State Global Campus with the responsibility for the coordination of all conferences, workshops, and seminars sponsored by university units.

Financial Management

Our team will develop your event budget to cover all contingencies and emergencies, ensure that purchasing is within state guidelines, and that the income received and receipted follows State of Kansas requirements.

Approved Registration and Payment

We have systems in place to take registrations for events and are approved to receive and process credit card payments for event registrations.  Professional registration staff provide each attendee with the level of service and professionalism expected from K-State.

Let K-State Conference Services do what we do best—support your event from start to finish. View a complete list of our professional services, or contact us to start planning your event today.

Global Campus Fees

Fees for Global Campus services are charged in accordance with a university-approved rate schedule. University groups may request an exemption from using Global Campus services. Exemption requests will be considered on a program-by-program basis.

Conference exemption request form (PDF)
Student conference exemption request form (PDF)