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Fees for Global Campus services are charged in accordance with a university-approved rate schedule. Current rate information follows.

Conference planning services

  • $90/hour for university-sponsored programs
  • $122/hour for non-university programs

Registration services

  • 2-hour setup fee ($180)
  • $12-$13/registrant for university-sponsored programs
  • $16-$19/registrant for non-university-sponsored programs
  • $2.50/name tag if not registering through the Global Campus registration system

Other fees

  • 4 percent administrative overhead for program expenses paid from a Global Campus account, not including conference planning and registration services fees
  • Continuing education hours (contact Conference Services for more information)

University groups may request an exemption from using Global Campus services. Exemption requests will be considered on a program-by-program basis.

Conference exemption form (pdf)
Student conference exemption form (pdf)