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Fees for Global Campus services are charged in accordance with a university-approved rate schedule.

Coordination Services

  • Rate is $90/hour for university-sponsored programs or $122/hour for non-university programs.
  • A base program management fee for 2 coordination hours will be assessed annually. The rate is determined by whether the program is university or non-university sponsored.
  • Services requested beyond the base program management fee will be charged at the appropriate hourly coordination rate.

Registration Services/LMS User Fee

  • $12/person for university sponsored programs
  • $16/person for non-university sponsored programs

Continuing Education (CE) Hours

  • Program management fee (2 coordination hours) plus one of the following:
    • Global Campus is managing registration for CE hours:
      • $10/person for university-sponsored programs
      • $14/person for non-university-sponsored programs 
    • Global Campus is not managing registration for CE hours:
      • $22/person for university-sponsored programs
      • $30/person for external (non-university) programs

For additional information about continuing education hours, please contact Debbie Hagenmaier, assistant director, K-State Global Campus Program Development and Management.

Other Fees

  • Four percent administrative overhead for program expenses paid from a Global Campus account, not including Global Campus services fees
  • A program approval review fee may be charged for non-university programs requesting K-State CE hours.