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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only coordinate Kansas State University programs?

No. Global Campus can partner with external organizations to deliver noncredit and professional development programs.

Do you charge for services?

Yes. You have the flexibility in determining the services you require for your program. Once we know the services you need, we will provide you with an estimated coordination fee for completing those services. Our fees are based on a schedule of charges approved by Kansas State University.

Coordination services fees:
$90/hour for university groups
$122/hour for external groups

Do you offer registration services?

Yes. We offer flexible and secure registration services and process more than 20,000 registrations annually.

Registration services fees:
$12-$13/person for university groups
$16-$19/person for external groups

Fee charged is based on the complexity of registration.
There is a $180 setup fee for programs that do not utilize conference planning services.

Can you pay program expenses?

Yes. We provide full financial management services*. Experienced coordinators can assist with the development of a comprehensive budget. The electronic budgeting system used can help determine registration fees to charge based on anticipated participation, program expenses and other factors. After expenses are paid and revenue received, a detailed financial report is prepared and shared with the program sponsor.

*Four percent administrative overhead is charged for program expenses paid from a Global Campus account.

Can you assist with preparing proposals for noncredit and professional development opportunities?

Absolutely. We welcome the opportunity to provide program budget information for grant proposals submitted through K-State PreAward Services. The dean of K-State Global Campus reviews faculty and staff grant proposals that include programming commitments for noncredit workshops, trainings and courses. Involvement of Global Campus in the proposal preparation process ensures budget information for our services is included and accurate, strengthening the proposal.