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Conference Services

Event planning is a specialized profession requiring strong organization skills, high attention to detail, and the ability to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of conference coordination to successfully achieve program objectives. As the university-appointed office for facilitating workshops, symposia, conferences, and group meetings, our professional conference services team offers a wealth of experience and expertise in conference management. 

Fees for Global Campus services are charged in accordance with a university-approved rate schedule. Current rate information follows.

Conference planning services

  • $90/hour for university-sponsored programs
  • $122/hour for non-university programs

Registration services

  • 2-hour setup fee ($180)
  • $12-$13/registrant for university-sponsored programs
  • $16-$19/registrant for non-university-sponsored programs
  • $2.50/name tag if not registering through the Global Campus registration system

Other fees

  • 4 percent administrative overhead for program expenses paid from a Global Campus account, not including conference planning and registration services fees
  • Continuing education hours (contact Conference Services for more information)

University groups may request an exemption from using Global Campus services. Exemption requests will be considered on a program-by-program basis.

Conference exemption form (pdf)
Student conference exemption form (pdf)

Comprehensive planning services are available for your program, including:

Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

Our team works with campus, local, and national venues. Whether we are securing a conference facility or your keynote speaker, we are experienced at negotiating contracts that are cost-effective and work to your advantage.

Marketing and Communications

Our marketing and communications unit includes experts in marketing and promotion planning, content development and editing, graphic design, web development, and postal mail and email facilitation. We can help you develop, design, and execute your marketing plan—including handling all printing, mailing and electronic promotion.


Our dedicated registration team receives event registrations securely online, by mail, phone, or fax. We work with you to develop a registration website customized to your unique event. Our team can travel to your event to manage all on-site registration needs.

Delivery Methods

We work with our on-campus mediated education team if you need a portion or the entire event made available online, whether streamed live or posted later for attendees to reference. Our strong track record of online video and audio distribution has made us leaders in distance education technology.

Speaker Arrangements

We partner with you to secure speakers, negotiate contracts, and assist with travel arrangements.

Financial Management

Our budgeting system aids in determining program options and registration fees necessary to support your event's bottom line. Once all income is processed and expenses are paid, we supply a detailed financial report to help with evaluation and future planning.

On-Site Facilitation

Our team will attend your conference to oversee all your on-site needs. From solving audiovisual issues to handling on-site registration and special requests, our experienced conference professionals will take care of every need that may arise during your event.

Continuing Education Credits

Many programs offer continuing education credits to participants for their licensure and professional development needs. We understand the ins and outs of this system, including how to record attendance, issue certificates, and report to the accrediting body. We also store and maintain records of continuing education activity.


Our team can help prepare, administer and tabulate customized evaluations. We can disseminate paper or electronic surveys and organize the results in an easy-to-read format to help you plan your next event.