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Update on University Conference Services

Global Campus has discontinued support for conference activities, and management of conference activities has been transitioned to colleges and units.

Faculty, staff and students who plan to host conferences should work with their academic college or unit leadership to determine if there are set processes to follow within their area for these types of events. Income and expenditures for conference activities, including registration, must be handled according to the guidelines outlined within the university Accounts Receivable PPM and Purchasing Procedures PPM. Questions regarding these guidelines may be directed to the Division of Financial Services.

All University contracts must be reviewed and prepared according to the guidelines contained in the Office of General Counsel Contract Review Checklist, including contract approval and signature by a designated University signatory.  For more resources to assist you through the contracting process, please visit the Office of General Counsel FAQ page.

Virtual, in-person or hybrid event audio/video capture or streaming services may be requested by completing the appropriate form available at k-state.edu/video or by contacting Robert Nelson at rfnelson@k-state.edu.

Continuing Education Hours

Global Campus will continue to serve as the university’s issuing authority for awarding continuing education hours. Contact Debbie Hagenmaier for more information.

Noncredit Program Support

Global Campus will continue to lead noncredit program development and support. Noncredit activities include in-person, online or virtual training or instruction through a designed curriculum that typically results in a certification or acknowledgment of completion.

If you have ideas for noncredit programming you would like to explore, please contact Debbie Hagenmaier.