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Ron Jackson
Program Coordinator


The graduate certificate in organizational leadership consists of 15 credit hours, including three core courses in business and two courses in leadership. Students should start the program by taking LEAD 801.

Organizational Leadership Graduate Certificate Courses

LEAD 801 — Foundations of Leadership (Fall term - First 8 weeks)

GRAD 820 — Leadership Practicum (Fall term - Second 8 weeks)

Students may select three courses from the following courses:

ACCTG 810 — Foundations of Accounting (Fall term - Second 8 weeks)

FINAN 815 — Foundations of Finance (Spring term - First 8 weeks)

MANGT 810 — Operations and Supply Chain Management (Fall term - Second 8 weeks)

MKTG 810 — Marketing Concepts and Research (Spring term - First 8 weeks)

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Quick Facts

Degree: Graduate Certificate
College: Business Administration
Credits: 15
Course delivery: Online

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