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Trina McCarty
Program Coordinator


The primary texts undergraduate certificate program requires 18 credit hours of course work:

  • DAS 300 - Primary Texts Core Course: The Great Conversation
  • POLSC 301 - Introduction to Political Thought
  • HIST 101 - Rise of Europe: Western Civilization
  • POLSC 661 - Political Thought to the 16th Century
  • POLSC 672 - Ideologies, Their Origins and Impact
  • HIST 571 - 18th Century Europe
  • HIST 578 - Central Europe
  • HIST 595: The French Revolution

A capstone paper must be submitted at or near the end of the 18 hours. In order to receive the certificate, students must have a minimum 2.75 GPA in the program at the time they graduate.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Undergraduate Certificate
College: Arts and Sciences
Credits: 18
Course delivery: Online

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