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Trina McCarty
Program Coordinator

Careers in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Individuals with psychology graduate degrees who specialize in industrial/organizational psychology are in demand to fill many roles in today's business organizations. The breadth of training in the MIOP curriculum prepares graduates for general human resource positions, such as HR director or HR specialist, while specific courses allow students to prepare for more focused careers.

For example, the personnel training course, in which students design and critique a practical training program, develops skills that are invaluable to a training specialist. Similarly, the personnel selection course, in addition to providing a background in issues of job analysis and validation, offers practical experience in the use of tests and other predictors. This experience is valuable for any professional involved in making staffing decisions. Each of the MIOP courses provides in-depth exposure to theories and practices that establish and support the knowledge and skills needed in today's human resource environment.

Just as important as the specific content of the MIOP courses is the emphasis on the scientific basis for this content. As a psychology program, MIOP emphasizes the importance of basing decisions on empirical data, accepted theory, and proven methods. The ability to approach organizational problems from a systematic, and scientific perspective is frequently cited by employers as one of the most valuable skills of MIOP graduates.

K-State compiles post-graduation employment information. That information and other career assistance information can be found on the K-State Career Center website.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Master of Science
College: Arts and Sciences
Credits: 38
Course delivery: Online, onsite (2 two-week on-campus sessions during the 2 ½ year program)

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